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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Punishment For The Truth

The two Federel Misistrs of Pakistan Hamid Saeed Kazmi and Azam Swati have been dismissed from the ministries. The former was the Minister for Religious Affairs, Haj and Zakaat,and the latter for Science and Technoloy. The first Ministry has been handed over to Khushid Shah and the second to Sardar Asif Ali.
The mismanagement,corruptions and other troublesome matters during the haj season are now open secret to all the world and people of Pakistan. Director General OF Haj is already arrested and under trial in the court. One Honorable Justice and many other people are witnesses to the corruptin . While Saudi prince had written letter to Chief JUstice of Pakistan in this regard. Hamid Saeed Kazmi himself confessed the corruption in the ministry though he denied allegations of corruption against himself. At that time it was a respectable way if he had resigned, but he did not, so he is now kocked out and what respect he would have now.
The other minister Azam Swati was a person who opened all the facts and corruption stories to the public and urged the government to suspend or dismiss the minister for haj out, but government did not pay any attention. When the hajis came back and narrated their trouble stories to the media, now government came into senses did the job that had to be done earlier. Azam Swati is the only honest capable minister of the federal cabinet. It means that honest persons have no room in the cabinet. He has been punished for saying the truth and bringing the facts to the public. What a beautiful democracy it is.

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