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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Courageous And Determined Special Persons Of The World

Allah, The creator of the Universe has bestowed the life many forms. Some where life is found in the 1000's feet deep bottom of the oceans and on other side it brightens in the form of moon and stars in the sky. However, a beautiful shape of life is in the form of human beings. But there are many individuals on the earth who lack one or other part of the body. Among these special persons are courageous and determined ones who never took abnormality of their body a hindrance in the way of progress and be a prominent personality in some typical field of life.
Among these special persons is the top class dancer and actress of India "Sudha Chandran" of Kerala. She got deprived of her leg beneath the knee in a road accident in 1981. But, she did not lose courage and determination and continued dancing with an artificial leg. A film was shot on her life in which she played the leading role. She was awarded "special Jury Award" along with rupees 5000 by the then President of India Giani Zale Singh during 1986 in the 33rd National Film Festival. She played her role in film "Anjaam" with Madhori Dickshat and Shah Rukh Khan and her role was very much appreciated. She also works in television plays and also won an award, "Indian Television Academy Award" during 1994. She plays a role in famous and mostly watched play "Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahoo Thee" meaning mother in-law was once daughter in-law.
Similar was the special person of Canada Tery Fox, who broke his leg in an accident when he was 18 and it was cut due to spreading of cancer. He became a good racer and he then crossed from one corner of Canada to other by his artificial leg. He took part in fund raising and awaking cancer consciousness in people and founded "Tery Fox Foundation". He was during marathon race in 22 years of age.
Car Racing driver Alex Zanardi belongs to Italy. He lost his both legs during car racing competition but still he is an important component of the car racers and holds many awards.
Rick Allen belongs to England, he lost his left hand in a car accident when he was 21. He was a capable professional drumist before accident. He continued his activities and today he is the important drumist of famous music band Def Leppard. He uses his left leg in place of left hand while drumming and 6.5 million albums of this band have been sold.
A 13 year old girl Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a 14 feet long shark in Hawaii and separated her left hand. She was a surfer. But she was not discouraged continued surfing with one hand. She won first position in National Surfers Championship during 2005.

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