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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jamiat e Ulema e Islam (JUI ) Has Got Another Golden Chance For Deal

 Though goverment has committed a blunder to expell the Federal Minister Azam Swati from the Federal Cabinet, but it seems that JUI was awaiting a chance like this to avail as usual. However, goverment had to consult its ally party when it was going to make a critical decision. But PPP leaders do not think before acting and aftr the action is taken matter is out of control. Then rushes for reconcilations and requests to allies. Now JUI decided to quit the PPP partnership and also to get its two Ministers out of cabinet. The former  Federal Minister  for Haj  Hamid Saeed Kazmi had already told in a press conference that JUI is preparing a conspiracy against his Ministry. Now it seemsthat his resrvations are becoming true. Maulana Fazal Rahman will induct more minster in the cabinet with his come back , specilly his brother Maula Atta ur Rahman as Federal Minster for Haj. Maulana never misses a golden chance.

1 comment:

Shaukat Sheikh, Lahore said...

Dear Dr. Sahib,
You are right . Every body knows that Maulana jee is an opportunist, he black mails every government, and gets all the perks and privileges. Allah has given him chance he will definetely get maximun benefits.