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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thirty -Five The Richest VS 800 Million The Poorest Indians

In India 0nly 35 richest people have more wealth than the collective income of 800 mn Indians. These common poor people are cultivators,laborers or factory workers. On one side these people can hardly get one meal a day, on other side the richest live lavishly and spend millions of dollars on foreign luxury tours. If this injustice prevailed in India then millions of poors can come out as rebellions any time.
The corruption poison is spreading in the society quickly and and it has affected Army Generals, Judges, and politicians. Judges corruption expresses in hanging out of court cases, or proceed on leave and also get bribery for favor of decisions. Army Officers have been arrested in the illegal selling and purchasing the lands.These include two Lieutenant Generals,and two Major Generals. One of the General was caught red handed in sex harassment of a colleague's wife.
The western press reports that the Indian bureaucracy is the most corrupt one among the developing world economic powers. Washington Post , one the leading American newspapers reported that 25 % of the 540 Indian Parliamentarian's cases are in the courts. These cases include human smuggling,illegal migration business, fraud, sex scandals, and murder. Recently Secretary of Congress Party had to resign because he was involved in corruption cases as organizer of Common WEalth Asian Games.
In many provinces Freedom Fighters are fighting against Indian Army, Among these important are Kashmiris and Niksal Baris. These wars have affected 20 provinces or 40 % of the area. How a country like India deserves a permanent seat in UN Security Council. Other states that want freedom from Indian occupation include Asam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Arona chal, Mizo Ram, Minipur and Nagaland. In the North Eastern India 200 armed warrior gropus are at war with Indian Army.
This is the actual and real picture of India that claims to be World's largest Democray

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