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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Pakistani Politician Who Has Six Senses

Maulana F.Rahman the head of (JUI) has a special sixth sense like James Bond or Colonel Afridi: the characters of detective stories of Ibn e Safi or Dr Watson, respectively, that can foresee and smell the political air which way it has to blow. When his Ministr Azam Swati was dismissed he got the right time to blow a boxer's punch on the face of already weakest government which is lying on the death bed with oxygen mask to teach it the lesson. Now he can make come back with his own conditions that would be at least ministries for all his 7 MNA's and special one of Religious Affairs to Maulana Atta ur Rahman. Though he flately refused to rejoin government in a press conference and to the special envoys of President but neither he left his share in the Governments of Gilget and Balochistan nor left the Chairmanship of Kashmir Affairs and neither his parliamentarian Maulana Sherani. He has also accepted the invitation for the dinner on the eve of visit of Chinese Prime Minister to-day. Prime Minister would definetely talk to him , and he would do the same that other parliamentarians can not do and what his previous history reveals. Maulana go ahead you are the winner and Me being your voter: though my precious vote is not for you, can tell the world," Hae koi Maulana sa, Maulana sa ho tu samnay Aey." ( Is there anybody like Maulana, if any, must come to the forground).

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