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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Great Corruption Fighter Heroes Of The World Awarded Integrity Award

Corruption is the cancer that is spread in most of the countries of the world and there are those heroes who are fighting against this nuisance.Transparency International has introduced Integrity Award that is bestow on the persons who are struggling against and trying to curb the corruption in their respective countries. Any monetary attraction or offers could not stop them from this noble cause. These are the people who through their struggles and successes deliver the important message to the world that if one is sincere in his mission then he can achieve the goal and so is the fight against corruption that can be won by continuous and untired hard work. The Integrity Award is given usually to workers, journalists, and all other people who raise their voice against and unveil the corruption, whether they are in any government organization or in Non Governmental Organization (NGO). While doing so they face hardships, opposition, endanger their lives and even sacrifice lives for this sacred mission.
The heroes who have been awarded this award from 2000 - 2010 (I apologize from these great people if I spell out or write their names wrongly, because these are mostly in foreign languages, however my mistake can not hinder in any way to appreciate their great task by the people). These are:- In 2000, Mustafa Adeeb Morroco (An air force captain), Lasantha Vikrama Tunge (Journalist),and Dr. Alfred Maria Pochat (Lawyer) from Sri Lanka,In 2001, Eva Juli (Investigating Magistrate) from France; in 2002, Jana Dobo Kova (Judge) of Chekoslovakia, Dr. Peter Shownohofer (Pharmacologist) of Germany, Liouse Laberto Mosqouina (Businessman) from Brazil: During 2003, Dr. Dorincome Equonali (Nigeria), Seur Remoni Ao Chong of Samwa, Ana Hazari (India); in 2004, Dr. Melsa Heesek (Bosnia), Naftali Logart (Police Officer) of Kenya, David Seunia (Clerck) of Kenya; In 2005, Abdul Latif Kolibali (Journalist) of Senegal, Khairul Asseeh Salman (Auditor) of Indonesia; during 2006, Dr. Seselia Mega Lense Kortez of Peru: in 2007, Lee Hen Duke (School Teacher) of Veitnam, Prof. Marck Peeth of Switzerland; in 2008. David Lee (Journalist) of UK, Roman sHelenov (Journalist) of Russia, durin 2009 and 2010 this Integrity Award was given to Gregory Neva Mansafa (Citizen) of Gaboon, Sargai Maganski (Lawyer) of Russia and Podla Jea Natha (Journalist) of Sri Lanka.
All the Great People are from other countries, no one from Pakistan. If on the other hand Award on corruption is bestowed then 99.9 % people of Pakistan will win this corruption award. It means that 179.82 mn people will get award and only 0.18 mn will be deprived of.

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