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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Israel is Being Equipped With Weapons and Modern Technology By the USA

Israel's media sources have disclosed that US administration has allocated $ 200 mn for its anti-misile system, the "Irondome". This amount will be provided immediately to the Israel's defence department. A bill was presented in the US congress last week to boost up Israel's anti -misile system that was passed synonamously. US congress is cosidering another request from Israel for provding F35 fighter planes. All this show that USA has planned to well-equip Israel against Iran and make it a super power in the area. According to a high ranking American official, though USA gives importance to dialogue with Iran, however using of power against it is also under consideration.If American threat as well as provisin of F 35 planes and Anti Misile System to Israel is taken into consideration, the American intentions can be understood. Equppping a state like Isral will eliminate hope of peace in the region, if any. In additin , the Israelis suversive activities against Palestine will get more offensive. The other day Isral's forces killed a child and injured many in Khan Younis and Bait ul Lah and used tear gas against the unarmed people. With in Israel 10 thousand Israelis and Palestinian protested in Tel Aviv against this cruelity. In Middle East Israel is continuing its brutalities and in Occupied Kashmir India is killing innocent Kashmiris, while the UN and the USA are doing nothing to stop all these atrocities and help giving the citizens of Kashmir and Palestine their right of self determination.

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