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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favourite Website For People Having Creativity

It often happens that one thinks a novel idea that has some positive versions but due to its being non affordable one can not give it practical shape. Keeping this problem in view some American young men have founded a website, "'. Now, if you have any new idea in the field of arts, journalism, fashion, music,film, theater and photography for which you need money so open the site introduce your plan to the administrator of the site if it is up to the mark and practicable it will be advertised on the web and after this begins the actual stage of the project. Visitors of the site will be asked to contribute for the project, If you need $ 10,000 for a documentary film you will have to give all the information about your plan on the site. If some visitor visiting the web site liked it he will contribute for it. Under this program hundreds of planners have been benefited.

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