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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cable Disclosures Continued

Out of all the thousands of diplomatic cables 3038 were dispatched from American Embassy in India, but only 5 have been disclosed and it mainly contains stories about Pakistan. Similarly, the cables sent from Embassy in Tel Aviv consist of allegations on Palestinians. These cables do not disclose the brutal actions of India against Kashmiris or those of Israel against Palestinians. It looks like thee is some thing wrong at the bottom with these cables. However, some facts about India have been disclosed. For example, when some fighters attacked India Parliament, it was learnt that India was going to attack Pakistan and teach her a lesson. But Indian Army took as much as long time to prepare for the attack that there was no time left to act upon, because International community entered into the scene. After wards, Indian Parliamentarians severely criticized the army for its laziness. Realizing this criticism, Indian Army again planned a Military action called "Cold Start". This plan came into light during 2004 while PJP ruled over the county. However, when Mun Mohin Singh came into power this plan got hanged. The plan was to attack Pakistan through Punjab or Rajhistan within 72 hours of any attack by the terrorists( from any group, but supposedly across the border) on any Indian civil or military installations. The attack would have been quick and sudden so that Pakistan could not use atomic weapons. The attack was to be done with tanks and Armoured vehicles with the help of limited air force. However, when in 2007, Bombay Taj hotel was attacked, India did not implement this plan due to the fear of Pakistan's nuclear attack in turn. According to American diplomats "Cold Start" was planned to satisfy the public that Indian Military was alert in this regard to teach a strict lesson to Pakistan.
Furthermore, cables disclosed that India was afraid of China's aggressive policies towards it, therefor its trend was to be closer to the USA. In another cable it was said that India offered fighter helicopter to Afghanistan, but Hamid Karzai did not accept the offer because Pakistan would have felt it. Indian Scretary Foreign Affairs Naropa Rao also told Richard Helbrook in a meeting that India was ready to train Afghan Army Personnel and also offered to establish an Agricultural college and educational Scholarships to Afghan student for study in India. So, Pakistan's reservations about the Indian active involvement in Afghanistan were true.

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