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Friday, December 10, 2010

9/11 Of The Diplomatic World

Julian Assange the great man , you did a great job.You showed the World Super Power such a mirror that it could see its dark face that this power posed to be bright bright one for the world. In the known history of human being this is the first time that USA has to lose such a sensitive information. You stood like Mount Everest against the Devil and its unwanted and darkest deeds. You are right to say to be a fortunate person who caught hold of such documents that expose the crimes of USA that have been committed against human rights and are strictly against the diplomatic norms. In your address to the American after the disclosures of the diplomatic cables you are right to say," these cables show that there is a wide difference between the common American and The American Government, if the people in a democratic state want that government must reflect their wishes then they should know that what is going on behind the curtain. Throughout the whole country it is taught in every school that the first president of the USA George Washington was a truthful, righteous and most honest person. Near to him lie was a sin.If his heirs would have followed his footprints then they would have not felt ashamed of their misdeeds. Today's USA government warned and informed the most corrupt governments in the world about the documents to be disclosed so that they could plan ahead and try to make excuses."
JUlian Assange ! your remarkable courageous job is largely appreciated among the honest person and honest country. You are not alone World is with you except some devils. You are on the right path so no body no state can harm you. Carry on fight against the evils and against the devils.

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