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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Military Operation May Be Carried Out In North Waziristan Soon

A US television, reported through the sources deeply-rooted in Pakistan Army, has claimed that Pakistan military officials are mulling over carrying out a deadliest offensive against the hiding militants and fleeing insurgents in North Waziristan Agency (NWA), adding that the said operation may take as less as 6 months to commence. Citing the sources, the channel also claimed that recent drone strikes were aimed at targeting insurgents that have fled towards northern tribal areas.
A Pakistani army official told US television that the number of escaping insurgents is on rise in North Waziristan district and according to him, the fleeing insurgents are taking hide in Terah Valley.
“Three US drone attacks also took place in ‘Terah Valley’ of Khyber Agency on Friday which killed 57 Taliban,” he told media. “Pakistan wants more control over drone program as this could help save precious lives of common men in tribal areas,” the channel quoted him as arguing.
According to US channel, Friday drone attacks were the latest and maiden drone attacks in Khyber Agency. Army official also told US channel that Pakistan army was planning to launch a military offensive in North Waziristan district as insurgents are using the agency as ‘safe heavens’ and ‘protected sanctuaries’ to plot and carry out attacks inside Afghanistan. Also, insurgents, hiding in NWA, have launched several terror strikes in Pakistan, army official further said.
It may be a fact that terrorists are hiding in NWA, because they are tied in blood relations with the local population since the USSR army left Afghanistan after shameful defeat. They have married and now their next generation is grown up and doing the same what their elders havebeen doing. But this time targets are security forces of Pakistan more than those in Afghanistan. It is the reaction and revenge of Drone attacks in tribal areas. USA's "Do More" orders had to bring fruits. It would be better that Pakistan Army may be allowed to carry out operation and at the time when it deems fit for. I hope Pak Army never accepts dictations from USA and does always what in the national interest.

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