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Friday, December 3, 2010

Kino ( A Hybrid Citrus Fruit ) is a Rich Source of Vitamin C

 Kino (Citrus Fruit) is a delicious, Flavory and a popular winter fruit of Pakistan.It is cheaper than other fruits. It has superior  type of juice. It is mostly grown  in the  Districts of Sargodha and Bhalwal and adjoining agricultural areas of Pakistan. This agricultural belt is famous for the plantation of Kino fruit plants. This fruit is mostly exported to the arkets of Diddle East and some Western Countries. It is much liked in these countries. Pakistan is earning handsome amount of foreign exchange. Kino was developed by crossing two varieties of citrus fruit plants during 1930 and an American Agricultural Research Scientist Dr H.B.Frast played  leading role in the evolution of Kino plant. This experiment was carried out in the University of California at Riverside.   Afterward, in 1943 it was introduced in the College of Agriculture ( now the Agricultural University Faisalabad ). However, research is carried out to develop seedless fruit of Kino at National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), Islamabad in Horticultural Research Institute. If they succeeded in obtaining the seedless KIno , Pakistan can occupy the fruit market in many countries by exporting this fruit. .

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