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Monday, December 13, 2010

Occupying The Resources Of Poor Nations Thru IMF And World Bank Loans By The USA

John Perkins,who has been working for the National Security Agency of the USA for 10 years as Economic Hitman says that he had to convince the governments and leaders of the the poor countries who had rich agricultural and mineral resources to get loans. He divides this secret system of uSA rk into four phases; firstly American Secret Agencies force the coutries to get huge amount of loans from IMF and World Bank. These loans are for the task that are contrdicory to their basic necessities. For example huge bridges, motorways,buildings and infra-structures. All these projects are foe beneft of wealthy people. Loans are not extended for education, health and drinking water projects. Because , if the people get education and expertise in science and technology, they will learn to complete everything themselves and they will get to know the tactics of agencies. So the loaning agencies extend loans for the projects that of no use of the poors so the national bugdet of these countries are spent for paying the interests of loans and nothing is left for education or health facilities. All this is done by Economic Hitman. He makes the leaders dishonest,make them share in bg companies and people are entangles i the grip of loans. The second task is done by special workers called "Jackals" who are hired killers and representatives of the civil society in the form of NGO's.

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