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Monday, December 27, 2010

Postmedia Editors Name Assange As Top Newsmaker

The embattled founder of the controversial website WikiLeaks was voted top newsmaker of the year by senior editors at Postmedia Network newspapers.
While Julian Assange rated only fourth in an Ipsos-Reid poll of 1,044 Canadians, the informal survey of editors showed six out of 10 Postmedia publications felt Assange had affected profoundly how information is seen and delivered.
“Assange’s organization indisputably demonstrated the emerging power of social media, while illustrating the risks governments run when they say one thing in private and another in public,” said Marlon Marshall, managing editor of the Regina Leader-Post.
“This was a game-changer in terms of citizen journalism, as well as marking a shift in the balance of power between government, big business and the collective citizenry via social media,” agreed Patricia Graham, editor-in-chief of the Vancouver Sun.

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