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Monday, December 27, 2010

Journalists, Politicians, Corporate Leaders And Many Others Are Involved In Telecoms Scam In India

Opposition Leader Dr Sabramenium Swami had been writing continuous letters to PM Man Mohin Singh about the corruption in Telecoms Sector.He wrote letters on November 29, 2008; October 31,2009; March 08, 2010; and again on March 13, 2010. On March 19, 2010 Dr Swami received reply from the government that no solid proofs of the corruption were that could be made the basis for court case. Then on August 28, 2010, Income Tax department and the CBI brought some audio taps to light due to which the biggest ever corruption scandal of the history of India was revealed. A. Raja had the key role in the scandal. He was alleged with the selling of licenses of 2 G Spectrum on rates below the prevailing market rates and thus caused billions of dollars loss to the national exchequer.
When the income tax department began to record the dialogues and talks of famous political lobbyist with other persons, some those names came into light about whom no body could imagine. Basically, 3 types of people were involved in this scandal. First the politicians who were authorized to issue licenses, secondly corporations that purchased licenses and thirdly the media that carried out the deals and other matters between the former two parties. However the responsibility of the deals was put on the shoulders of A. Raja the Federal Minister for Telecommunications and Information technology. The corruption volume is Rs. 1767.00 billion.
A new company Swan Telecom was sold the license by A Raja that had the minimum assets. The license was sold for Rs. 15.37 billion The Swan sold 45 % of the shares to United Arab Emirate company for Rs. 42.00 billion after a short duration and hence received double the profit. Similarly, Uni Tech company that dealt in Real State business and had no experience in Telecom sector was given license for Rs 16.61 billion that sold its 60 % shares to Telenor for Rs. 62.00 billion so this company gained 3 fold profit in few days. Similarly, the third company was Lope Mobile; forth was Red Cone Telecommunications Ltd; fifth was S Tel, sixth Reliance Communications and the seventh was Tata Communications.

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