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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pakistani Political Leaders Beg To America For Power

It is unfortunate on the part of Pakistanis that their leaders being so called citizens of a free country geographical, are not free mentally. They are slaves practically so they are trying to make the country a foreign colony. Among them may be Head of Muslim League , PPP JUI, ANP or any other party beg always to the USA who can through some piece of begging s to them. As President Zardari in a meeting with an American delegation during 2008 to the members that he would do nothing with out the consultation of the USA. During a dinner in honor of N.W Peterson , USA ambassador to Pakistan, Maulana Fazal Ur Rahman begged for Prime Minister-ship of Pakistan. USA was not in favor of Justice Iftekhar Muhammad Chaudhry , so President was in his favor too. Disclosure of Diplomatic Cables unveils the real faces of all the Pakistani leaders. Therefore, Pakistani Government is attempting to ban Wikileaks sites , but how would these be done? If done so they can not stop the leakage of many secrets on International Media. Cables also disclosed that when Hammed Gul was Chief of ISI, he used to rder Suicide bombers against Russian forces. Army also is away from this dirty politics. Concentrating on national and professional mandate. President Zardari also offered Governorship of Baluchistan to Iftekhar Muhammad Chaudhary. The only Politician , who is free of any American effects or pressure is Imran Khan. But a person like this is impossible to be PM or any other high political rank . Because USA does not want him. Secodly, the inherited politics would leave no way for him to be PM. He may win a little more seats in Parliament .

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