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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Car Running With Solar Energy

It seems like the future cars will be manufactured in Hungry. It is not the 1967 communist propaganda , but a fact. Hungry's car manufacturing factory Aantro has made a light and beautiful car that can be run by solar energy. Aantro Solo consists of 2 front and one rear wheel. It can carry 2 passengers and one driver. Aantro Solo's electric motor gets energy from the solar panels installed on the roof of the car. If car stops due to some reason then nothing to worry you can restart the car by kicking the paddle. This useful and environment friendly car will be in market by 2012.
Muslim scientist Ibn e Farnos was the first human being who wanted to fly in the sky like a bird centuries ago. After a long span of time now human being's this dream is close to come true and he can fly in the air not in plane but himself like a bird as one watches in the movies. This flying machine "Martin Jet Pack" has been invented by Galeen Martin of New Zealand after a 50 years long hard work. Martin Jet Pack is made up of carbon fiber to keep it light. Its 200 horse power engine rotates rotor that makes this machine fly. This machine can take one to 8000 feet high, however its fueling capacity is limited so it can fly for half an hour. Guleen is modifying it to make more refined and sophisticated one. In future it is possible that you can fly to your office avoiding traffic jam on the roads.

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