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Friday, December 24, 2010

Chairman Transparency International (Pakistan) To Be Investigated By FIA

In our country any unwanted event like Diplomatic Cables, security lapse resulting in blasts or release of TI corruption reports about Pakistan are immediately declares as conspiracy about the nation. So, as soon as the reports about Pakistan as a corrupt nation came into light, government was looking a chance to take into account the Transparency International. After all, the Chairman of the TI Adil Gilani has been taken under investigation on the statement of Chairman of the National Insurance Company Ayaz Khan Niazi alleged in billion rupees corruption scandal. According to the statement of Ayaz Khan, chairman TI had offered him a deal to get favor of the court if he accepted contract for the company. In this regard director FIA (Lahore) Zafar Ahmad Qureshi had called Adil Gilani to answer his questions because he( the former) was to be brought under investigation, but Adil Gilani refused to come to Lahore and asked FIA to come to Karachi if they wanted his answers. Therefore, Adil Gilani was sent a questionare consisting of 22 questions. These include, history of the Ti in Pakistan, line of action of the work, number of staff, their qualifications, and how did they use to investigate the misappropriation, fraud or corruption cases in any department of the government. He was asked about his dismissal from the service in Karachi Port Trust and on which allegations or he left the job himself. He was asked either he had some contact with the company(KPT). He has been asked about the contract between Ti and Pakistan State Oil and its details and why this contract was canceled. He was asked whether he knew the absconder of NIC scam Amin Dada. Did he offer a deal to NIC through Amin Dada. On the other side, the broker of Karachi Stock Exchange Karim Dhadhy called Zafar Qureshi that he had nothing to do with the absconder Amin Dada, who is his relative. It was reported that Karim Dhadhy was too afraid of all this. Zafar Ahmad Qureshi is determined to arrest all the absconders of the corruption scandal, specially, Amin Dada and Mohsin Waraich.

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