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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Robot Will Teach English In South Korea

Korean language is the national language of Korea, but when the matter is of education and training to the young generation then English language also gets importance. As the most of the science and technology books are written in English,so the students in South Korea learn English to be at par with the international community in modern knowledge. Therefore, English is taught from class 1 in South Korea, but the teacher of this foreign language are scarce in the country. Keeping in view the scarcity of English teachers in mind the Korean Government started a novel project with the cost of $ 42 mn to invent a Robot English Teacher. At last Korean experts succeeded in making a Robot that could teach English. At present Robot is teaching English in 8 schools of the country. The government plans to appoint Robots in 8000 schools and colleges. However, with the introduction of Robot teacher in all the educational institutions, the 3000 teachers who are teaching English language will get unemployed.
Scientists are all time thinking for the benefit of the humanity and when they find need or necessity they invent some machines or discover some thing new. Therefore, the proverb comes true," necessity is the mother of invention." During the current year a British scientist Timothy Whitehead proceeded on a private trip to Zambia he noticed that common people clean water by chlorine and iodine tablets that takes a longer time. On return to his homeland Timothy invented a bottle that can clean dirty water by passing ultra violet rays in two minutes. These rays destroy 99.99 % of the and other harmful germs. Then water is passed thru filter chamber to clean it from dust and dirt. This bottle will be useful in rural areas of the developing countries, specially that of Pakistan's, where thousands of people die due to drinking of unhygienic dirty water of ponds. Timothy is preparing this bottle on commercial scale.

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