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Monday, August 29, 2011

Angelina Jolie Puts Her Incredibly Thin Legs On Display In London

Angelina Jolie put her incredibly thin legs on display Saturday as she headed out for dinner with friends in London.
The 36-year-old, once known for her athletic figure in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, stepped out in a black suit jacket and pencil skirt, which revealed her pale and sinewy calves.
The outfit, which is intended to be fitted, was swimming on her tiny form. She topped off her conservative look with black and gold heels, a matching handbag and shades.
The mother-of-six was flying solo, with her children thought to be still in Scotland while Brad Pitt continues to film his new zombie movie, World War Z.
Angelina is back in the city after a brief trip to Holland. She was in the Hague for the International Criminal Court’s landmark first trial. She watched from the public gallery as Benjamin Ferencz, an American lawyer who was a US prosecutor at the post-World War II Nuremberg trials of Nazi commanders, rounded off the prosecution’s case.
Jolie, a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, said she was honoured to watch Ferencz in action and witness the end of the trial. ‘It is quite striking to have a prosecutor from Nuremburg here today,’ she said. ‘You see his clarity, his wisdom, his strength and his compassion for this situation which he has witnessed over the years and now he’s here to plead on behalf of these children in particular.’
Jolie called the end of the trial, ‘an extraordinary moment for international justice but more than that for children of the world.

"True Finns" Political Party Of Finland

True Finns party of Finland is the third largest right wing political party in Europe. It recently held election got 19.1 % votes and 39 seats in the parliament. Its head is Temo Soni, who though does speak against Muslims openly, but is strictly in favor of Israel.Among 5.4 million Finish people , 432000 are Muslims and constitute 0.8 % of the total population.
Holland is the fourth largest center of right wing politicians in Europe. Right wing party, Party For Freedom secured 15.5 % of the votes and 24 parliament seats out of 150 in the last election. Thus, it became the third largest party in the parliament. The leader of this party is Garett Wilders who attacking Muslims and Islam achieved "reputation". His idealogy is," I do not hate Muslims but hate Islam." Garrett wants to stop the spreading promotion of Islam in Holland, where among 10.6 million population there are only 0.9 million Muslims 5.5 % of the population. But Garett sees his culture in risk due to this very small number of Muslims.
Experts say that "Jobbik" party of Hungry is the most extremist and pre-judice among all the right wing parties. Experts term it as a fascist party.Its main manifesto is to push all the minorities like Muslims, Jews and Gypsies out of Hungry. It gained popularity among Hungarians in very limited time. Though, it could not win any seat in the elections held during 2006, but in the general elections of 2010, it secured 12.26 % votes 47 seats out of total 386 seats of the parliament.It became the third largest party of Hungry with in 4 years.Its leader is Gaborona.

Right Wing Political Paties In Europe

Right wing political parties are gaining popularity in Europe. Their politics is mainly based on immigration of Muslims and hatred against federal parties. Among them some are more extremist and others are a bit less, but all of them want to stop entry of Muslims in their countries. Some of the right wing parties in European countries are listed below:-
This is the only European country where right wing party "Swiss People's Party" is in power. This the biggest of the right wing parties in Europe. In the parliametary elections of 2007, it obtained 28.9 % votes and 62 seats, thus became the became the majority party in the parliament. Its present head is Tony Burner. Wiss Peoples Party is also afraid of Muslims living in Switzerland that they want to turn the country into an Islamic State. The party most of the time expresses the fear that increasing Muslim population one day will turn into majority. This party had held referendum to ban Mosque Minarets. It is holding a referendum to limit the number of Muslim migrants. There are 0.4 million Muslims in the total Swiss population of 7.8 million that makes the Muslimn population as 5.7 %.
The "Progress Party" of Norway is the second largest party among the European right wing parties. It gained 22.9 % votes and 41 seats out of 169 in the parliament in 2009 election. The head of the party is an extremist lady Sew Jennine. This party wants to allow only 1000 migrants every year. She also demands that illiterate and poor people from developing countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Somalia should not be allowed that can not merge themselves into Norwegian culture and civilization.
Sew iis an openly against Muslims and is in favor of Israel. She says that Israel has the right to defend its rights. She considers Hammas as a terrorists party. There are 0.15 million Muslims in the total 4.9 million population of Norway that makes 2 % of the population.

Scientists Discovered A 6000 KM Long River Under Amazon Basin

Scientists in Brazil claim to have discovered a massive 6000km river running deep below the Amazon basin, but other researchers think it might just be water trickling through underground rocks.
Known for its rich biodiversity and misty beauty, researchers are now wondering if they have only seen part of the Amazon, since the "discovery" of the underground Hamza River was presented by scientists from Brazil’s National Observatory at a conference last week.
Elizabeth Tavares Pimentel and Valiya Hamza located the river by collecting data samples from temperature variations in 241 abandoned deep wells, drilled in the Amazon by Petrobras, Brazil's state oil company, in the 1970s and 1980s.
If the river, located between two and four kilometres below the earth's surface, is as big as the scientists believe, it could be the longest underground river in the world.
"It is kind of fascinating from a scientific point of view," said Michael Coe, leader of the Amazon programme at the Woods Hole research centre in the US who has studied the area for 12 years. "What we see on the surface is not all that is going on."
Untraditional river
While massive in size, the underground formation probably holds less than three per cent of the water, which flows through the traditional Amazon, Coe said. "It is not a river in the sense of water flowing through a tube; it would be water flowing through porous stones," he told Al Jazeera. "The lion's share of the water is still on the surface."
Jorge Figueiredo, a geologist with Petrobras who has published widely on the Amazon, scoffs when asked if the underground water should be considered a river. “The authors made their conclusion based on the temperature of the rocks, but we have data against this possibility.”
He doesn’t think the discovery was based on sound science. The report came from a presentation at a conference. It did not pass peer review from other scientists in a scholarly journal.
“It seems to be a bit of nonsense work,” Figueiredo said. The variation of temperature, an important part of the researcher’s theory, “can be based on many different things,” he said.
While the Hamza River may be massive, the water running through it moves slowly. About 133,000 cubic metres of water flows through the traditional Amazon each second, while the underground river's flow rate has been estimated at about 3900 cubic metres per second.
While the Amazon ranges from one kilometer to 100 kilometers in width, the Hamza is much wider, allegedly ranging from 200 to 400km. But the river’s size means it is unlikely to be a continuous flow, Figueiredo said.
Broader implications unclear
“Six thousands kilometres [the apparent length of the river] is almost the width of South America,” Figueiredo told Al Jazeera. Underground rock formations across the contient are not all connected, he said, meaning the chances of one continuous river are unlikely at best. He does not believe the underground water should be considered a river.
Scientists are not sure what the discovery means for broader ecological issues. “This could contribute to slow salinity in near-coastal environments, but I am not sure,” Coe said. If the water is fresh, as some scientists claim, it could affect coastal ecosystems from mangroves to marshlands. Figueiredo does not think there is any way fresh water could be buried that deep.
Bacteria and other small organisms are likely the only life, which could survive in water this far underground, Coe said.
If nothing else the discovery underscores how many important natural resources exist, undiscovered, in the Amazon, said Rafael Cruz, a Greenpeace campaigner in Brazil. “For us, it is a confirmation of how precious the Amazon forest is and how we have to preserve it,” he told Al Jazeera. “The scientific community is going to speak out with this new discovery and it will be important in the whole conservation debate.”

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Sentimental Person Like Zulfiqar Mirza Is Always Right

Though Mirza apologized on his previous statement about MQM but his conscious was not satisfied was pinched and he felt guilty to hide the truth. He is sentimental but what he said has been stated in the past by the former elected civil government and military regime. His allegations should not be hidden in political interests but should be taken notice of seriously for the safety and solidarity of the country. He is well educated, sensible, he sworn on Quran Hakeem and putting his hands on The Holy Book, said all this. He can not be termed liar by those who believe in Quran , the most Supreme Book on Earth for ever.
Senior Pakistan People's Party leader Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has announced to resign from all party/government posts, it was reported on Sunday.
Addressing the news folk at Karachi Press Club, he accused Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik of siding with the killers, misleading the party leadership, and contorting facts. He declared him an enemy of the state and a compulsive liar.
Malik is a compulsive liar and responsible for Karachi bloodshed, Mirza said, adding Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) doesn't have a real mandate in Karachi or Hyderabad, they extort votes at gunpoint.
Levelling another very serious allegation against MQM Chief Altaf Hussain, he said: "During a meeting with Altaf Hussain in London he (Altaf Hussain) said the US wanted to disintegrate Pakistan and he and his party (MQM) would side with the US in their goal. Therefore, Altaf Hussain said he would kill the Pathans"
Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza went on to say: "Altaf Hussain wrote a letter to the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair asking him to bust ISI before it produces any more Osama Bin Ladens."
He asked as to what sin was committed by Wali Khan Babar, a Private News Channel reporter who was murdered in Karachi.
Mirza said five accused who were involved in the killing of Wali Khan Babar belonged to MQM and named one of them as Liaquat who, he said, was still at large. "Liaquat is the one whose car was used in the killing and he was the one who opened fire on Wali Khan Babqar."
"MQM is the killer of Wali Khan Babar," he reiterated.
Dr. Mirza also alleged that the present CPLC Chief Ahmed Chinoy holds an important position in Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation (KKF) which is a welfare wing of MQM.
He said MQM had held hostage all industrialists, businessmen and shopkeepers of Karachi.
Before starting the press conference he swore on the Holy Quran to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
Praising ISI and Pakistan Army Mirza said Pakistan's existence is due to the sacrifices of our security forces.
Senior provincial minister, Works & Services Dr Zulfiqar Mirza is the Vice President of PPP Sindh and also a Central Executive Committee member besides a close aide of President Asif Zardari. He was elected from Sindh Assembly seat PS-57 Badin I.
Pledging at the beginning he requested reporters to take him seriously for the first and the last time. He arrived at the Karachi Press Club at 4:20pm. The best decision of my life is to marry Dr Fehmeda Mirza, he said.
Mirza noted that he has never bend the laws and he follows the principles of Shaheed Zulfiar Ali Bhutto. Allah Almighty through Mohrarma Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari blessed me with all that I own.
He added that I see eye to eye with my party. I'm a party worker and will always be that way. I am a Sindhi and proud of it, he added. He vowed never to bow down to cruelty.
Mirza said if anything happens to me then killers of Imran Farooq and Wali Baber would be responsible.
Mirza's press conference ended at 6:15 pm which started around 4:25 pm.

Increasing Muslim Population In The European Countries

When Musaffar Qaddafi, The Libyan former leader was on Italy visit during 2010, he shook the whole country with his statement saying, " It is written in the fortune of the Europe that one day whole Europe will consists of Muslims. Specially, when Turkey is included in the European Union this process will be enhanced." The conservative political parties of Italy expressed reservations on Qaddafi's this statement. The head of the Union of Christian Democrates Rocko said," Qaddafi should have not issued this statement with out thinking, if head of any Christian country while on visit to Libya say that all the Muslims should convert to Christianity, How Qaddafi would feel?"
It was however, a wordy confrontation whereas, fact is that Muslim population is swiftly increasing in Europe. The major reasons are, the increased number of Muslim's entrance into European countries, high birth rate in Muslims and decreased birth rate in European Christians. The main factor actually behind this increase is also the incident of 9/11, Muslims were so defamed that those who did not know about Islam, after that Europeans and Americans started studying Islamic Books to know what actually Islam was and what were its teaching. As soon as they realized the reality, the truthfulness of Islam they confessed that this is the only true religion in the Universe and they started embracing Islam.
How many Muslims are at present in the European countries, it is difficult to state the actual figures but according to an estimate, in Europe including Russia, the Muslim population is nearly 5.5 million. The total population of Europe is 730 million, so the proportion of Muslim population in the European population is 7.5 %. Among these Muslims 1.6 billion are living in European Union's countries.
There are different estimates about the future Muslim population in Europe. According to American Pure Research Center's think tank, Muslims will 25 % of the total population of Europe by 2030. On other side, British historian Nial Fergusen in his book "Civilization" claimed that by the end of current century 50 % population of Europe will consists of Muslims. If we take the middle figure then as an American Researcher Professor Phillips said that by 2100 Muslims will 25 % of the total European population.

Medical Moral Values And Today's Medical Treatment

Morale linked to the medical profession has been an important part of medical profession since the ancient times. As a part of the oath of the medical professionals dedicated to the father of the profession Hipocrates (400-370 BC) says," Using my best knowledge and capabilities, I will try every possible effort that patient did not receive any harm due to my decision or treatment." The doctors while receiving medical degree reiterate the determination in the full text of the oath today too.
However, it is a fact too that today's latest developments in the medical world could not help maintaining exactly the same simple and straightforward medical ethics that was considered to be, but several questions and complicated problems have been created related to medical morales. The possibility of human cloning (in this method a photocopy of human being that can be used for research purposes). similarly, trying to use human cells for making complete part of body or legal protection and treatment provided for abortion in several countries or price hike in the doctor's fees or treatments due to the use of modern technology have given rise to new problems.

Indian HungerStriker Ends Fasting Today

Indian hunger-striker Anna Hazare declared Saturday that the nation's people had won a great victory as he announced he would end his fast after wresting new concessions from lawmakers. "For 12 days, the country's people have stood here -- it is their victory," Hazare, who had gone without food for nearly two weeks, told thousands of flag-waving supporters in a sprawling muddy public venue in central New Delhi.
The 74-year-old Hazare said he would end his hunger strike that has galvanised huge public support on Sunday morning.
"At 10 am (0430 GMT) tomorrow (Sunday) I want to break my fast among all of you," he said, urging his supporters not to create disturbances with their celebrations.
"You have to celebrate, but with peace. Don't disturb the peace," Hazare told the crowd, declaring: "Victory to Mother India, hail the motherland, long live the revolution!"
The activist's announcement that he would end his fast followed a day-long parliamentary debate in parliament in which Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee declared lawmakers had agreed to Hazare's demands in principle.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Parvez Musharaf's Property Has Been Seized And Bank Accounts Frozen

The Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) hearing the Benazir Bhutto murder case has ordered that propterty of former president Pervez Musharraf be seized and his bank accounts be frozen, it was reported.
The decision was made after a FIA report containing information regarding the assets of the former president was presented before the court. FIA officials informed the court that Musharraf owned a farm house in Chak Shahzad, Islamabad and a plot in the Gwadar Housing Society. While his bank accounts contained Rs 80.90 million.

The Neighboring Countries Want The End Of Afghan War According To Their Own Interests

Some analysts say that several neighboring countries of Afghanistan wish to push the USA in the Afghan muddy war for longer. In this regard Pakistan, Iran China and Russia have their own wishes and interests to see the end of war according their own benefits. American authorities suspect that these countries are providing sticker missiles so that return of the USA from Aghanistan may be in disrespectful manner. On other side Talibans are happy to find such weapons that have given more superiority to them in war. With this will force the enemy to bow knees and they will get importance of their role admitted in wrapping up of the the war and afterwards. The analysts think that the countries backing the Taliban against the USA using whole of their military, political and ideological forces.
The month of August is proving a bloody one for American and NATO forces. Actual the situation turned against the foreign occupying forces started evacuating the battle field. During the first 12 days of the month of August, 50 foreign soldiers have been killed and the destruction of Chinook helicopter is a great loss to the USA in one event. If only last 6 months deaths of the NATO forces are estimated the number of high ranking officers that have been killed during this period that much number have not been lost during the last 10 month war.
Though American administration claims to kill the Taliban destroying chinock helicopter but Taliban leader say they are alive and have contacted the leader Zabeeh Ullah Mujahid. The American received great shock with the destruction of Chinock helicopter a complete squadron of American SEAL team 6 commando unit has been eliminated. It is note worthy that commondos of this unit had participated in operation against Osama Bin Laden on May 02, this year in Abbotabad.

Qaddafi's Bab Ul Aziziya Compound Has Miles Long Tunnels And Zigzag Bunkers

Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's plundered Bab al-Aziziya compound is a maze of dark tunnels and bunkers that reputedly also also houses an Olympic size swimming pool and a garage for luxury cars. "It's the money of the Libyan people which paid for all of this," commented Said, 35, on Thursday, a day after his release from a prison where he languished for several weeks for having demonstrated against Kadhafi's regime.
"They ripped out my nails," he told the reoprters in the warren of rooms, adding that he was now looking for compensation in the tunnels full of debris, scattered clothing, food and empty bullet magazines.
A large room contained dozens of notebooks on several tables, and shelves full of hard drives and computer servers.
The bedrooms, vandalized like the other structures, had their beds and mattresses ripped open. A weapons cache lay scatterred nearby along with a dirty Russian body armour.
Brazilian plastic surgeon Liacyr Ribeiro, who operated on Kadhafi in 1994 for under-eye bags, shared details Wednesday in Rio De Janeiro about his rare visit to the longtime Libyan leader's "amazing" bunker.
Ribeiro was participating in a medical conference in Tripoli when Libya's health minister at the time asked him to "examine someone dear to me."
"I thought it was his wife," said the 70-year-old doctor. "I went with him in his car, but when we arrived I realized it was Kadhafi. The entrance of the bunker was a zigzag shape, and they made me wait in the library."
Then they lead Ribeiro to a building "where there was a tent."
"It was there that Kadhafi greeted me," said the surgeon. "I told him it was too dark to examine him there, and he took me into a very modern dental office.
"It was amazing! I did not at all expect to see such a thing," he added of the bunker, where he said there was a gym with an Olympic-sized pool.
"At the time Kadhafi was in very good physical form," added Ribeiro, who said he returned a year later to perform a hair implant operation.
Among dozens of people interviewed on Thursday in Bab al-Aziziya, many said they had heard of the pool and a garage full of luxury cars. But no one had seen it or knew its location.
Despite the occasional bullets slamming into the walls of the compound, hundreds of rebels and civilians scrambled across the complex in search of booty be it air conditioning units or golden chandeliers.
One young man was even seen filling an entire truck with furniture, carpets, blankets and television sets.
"We think there are snipers," said Fawzi Maktuf, 23, as he drove a pick-up truck mounted with an anti-aircraft gun. "We have arrested someone who was firing, but there are bullets from time to time."

Friday, August 26, 2011

Exotic Planet Made Of Diamond Spotted By Astronomers

Astronomers have spotted an exotic planet that seems to be made of diamond racing around a tiny star in our galactic backyard.
The new planet is far denser than any other known so far and consists largely of carbon. Because it is so dense, scientists calculate the carbon must be crystalline, so a large part of this strange world will effectively be diamond.
The evolutionary history and amazing density of the planet all suggest it is comprised of carbon i.e. a massive diamond orbiting a neutron star every two hours in an orbit so tight it would fit inside our own Sun," said Matthew Bailes of Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.
Lying 4,000 light years away, or around an eighth of the way toward the center of the Milky Way from the Earth, the planet is probably the remnant of a once-massive star that has lost its outer layers to the so-called pulsar star it orbits.
Pulsars are tiny, dead neutron stars that are only around 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) in diameter and spin hundreds of times a second, emitting beams of radiation.
In the case of pulsar J1719-1438, the beams regularly sweep the Earth and have been monitored by telescopes in Australia, Britain and Hawaii, allowing astronomers to detect modulations due to the gravitational pull of its unseen companion planet.
The measurements suggest the planet, which orbits its star every two hours and 10 minutes, has slightly more mass than Jupiter but is 20 times as dense, Bailes and colleagues reported in the journal Science on Thursday.
In addition to carbon, the new planet is also likely to contain oxygen, which may be more prevalent at the surface and is probably increasingly rare toward the carbon-rich center.
Its high density suggests the lighter elements of hydrogen and helium, which are the main constituents of gas giants like Jupiter, are not present.
Just what this weird diamond world is actually like close up, however, is a mystery. "In terms of what it would look like, I don't know I could even speculate," said Ben Stappers of the University of Manchester. "I don't imagine that a picture of a very shiny object is what we're looking at here."

Taliban Began Final Stage Of War In Afghanistan

During the first week of August American and NATO forces had to bear extra- ordinary damage by Taliban in Afghanistan. Fighters hit and damaged several helicopters and a great loss to NATO forces was that of Chinook helicopter, carrying 30 American , 7 Afghan soldiers and a civilian on August 5.
America and its allies have born the loss of 101 helicopters during the last 10 years of American occupation, out of these 17 were hit by Taliban. It indicates that Taliban have changed their war strategy. It is worth mentioning that during the Russian occupation in 1979 Taliban had changed their war strategy in the same way. American administration of that era had provided 900-1200 stinger missiles that had changed the map of the war field. With these missiles Afghan fighters had hit 140 Russian helicopters with in 6 months. It was noted that one helicopter had been destroyed daily on average basis.
Some American experts are of the view that these are the same stinger missiles provided to Taliban by the USA, now are being used against USA and allied forces. These experts also say that stinger missiles have been spread from China to Latin America through drug cartels. Some military think tanks say that China, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea and some other countries have manufactured the missiles.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Diet Based On PLants, Nuts and High Fiber-Content Lowers Bad Cholestrol

A diet based around plants, nuts and high-fiber grains lowered "bad" cholesterol more than a low-saturated-fat diet that was also vegetarian, researchers reported on Tuesday.
And the drop in low-density lipoprotein, or LDL cholesterol, was big enough that dietary changes could be an alternative to statin medications for many people, they said. "There's no question that statins have made a major difference in terms of cardiovascular disease control," said study author Dr. David Jenkins, from the University of Toronto. But at least for now, he added, "we can only get so far with statins."
One in four adults age 45 and older in the U.S. takes the cholesterol-lowering drugs.
Jenkins and his colleagues wanted to see how big an effect a diet based on the pillars of lower cholesterol could have on LDL numbers without statins.
They randomly split 351 Canadians with high cholesterol into three groups. One group got nutrition counseling promoting a low-saturated-fat diet for six months.
In the other two groups, dietitians helped participants fit more cholesterol-lowering foods, including soy milk, tofu, nuts, oats, peas and beans, into a healthy diet meeting with some of them twice during the study, and with others seven times. All the diets were vegetarian.
After six months, people on the low-saturated-fat diet saw a drop in LDL cholesterol of 8 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL), on average, according to findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
That compared to 24 mg/dL and 26 mg/dL decreases in participants on the cholesterol-lowering diets. (The average starting LDL was about 170 mg/dL. A number 160 mg/dL and above is considered high.)
That drop is "really a lot," said Dr. Yunsheng Ma, a nutrition and heart disease researcher from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, who was not involved in the new study.
Volunteers in the cholesterol-lowering group were encouraged to consume about a gram of plant sterols in an enriched margarine per 1,000 calories of food they ate, as well as about 10 grams of fiber in the form of oats, barley and psyllium, 22.5 grams of soy protein and 22.5 grams of nuts, per 1,000 calories. "A lot of people rely on the medication, but diet is really powerful actually," he told Health Reporter. "People ignore that. They think if they're on statins, they can do anything they want, they can eat the high-fat foods because the statins are going to take care of that."
One in five of the participants dropped out before the full six months, and even those that didn't had a hard time sticking closely to the diet plans, but many still saw cholesterol benefits.
The researchers had everyone in the study who was taking statins go off the medication for the diet intervention. Jenkins said the question of how diet and statins could lower LDL in tandem is for future research.
But for those who like the idea of changing their diet instead of going on medications, this is a reasonable option, he said. Others who aren't interested in adjusting their eating habits might be better suited to sticking with statins, Jenkins added. "If you want to sit on the couch with the six pack and the wings and watch other people exercise and you're quite determined not to do anything other than that, then we've got a medication for you," he said.
For other people, genetics or very high cholesterol may mean that diet isn't enough to get LDL down to a healthy level without statins, said Dr. Joan Sabate, head of nutrition at Loma Linda University in California.
Jenkins said that doctors should encourage their patients with high cholesterol to try diet changes, if they're interested. A couple of visits to a nutritionist might be enough for motivated patients to make the switch to a plant-based, higher-fiber diet, he added. "The diet only is enough for the majority of the people that have a not-so-good lifestyle," Sabate, who was not involved in the new research, told, "By changing the diet and their lifestyle they can establish good control of their cholesterol."

Facebook And Twitter Will Meet British Officials Today

Facebook and Twitter on Thursday will meet with riot-spooked British officials to discuss how social networks can play roles in keeping people safe during civil unrest.
The focus of a lunchtime meeting with the British Home Secretary has shifted from the notion of blocking social networks during riots to how police can use them to inform law-abiding citizens and track down wrong-doers. "We look forward to meeting with the Home Secretary to explain the measures we have been taking to ensure that Facebook is a safe and positive platform for people in the UK at this challenging time," Facebook said in an email response. "In recent days we have ensured any credible threats of violence are removed from Facebook and we have been pleased to see the very positive uses millions of people have been making of our service to let friends and family know they are safe and to strengthen their communities," the statement continued.
Representatives of popular microblogging service Twitter and Canada-based BlackBerry smartphone maker Research In Motion are also to take part in the hour-long meeting.
In the wake of riots, British Prime Minister David Cameron suggested cutting off social networking services used by people causing trouble in the streets. "Free flow of information can be used for good, but it can also be used for ill," Cameron said in recorded official remarks.
"We are working with police, intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop police communicating via these websites and services when they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality," he continued.
Facebook opposes any ban on its services and will stress at the meeting how social media can be a tool for public safety and crime fighting.
BlackBerry is taking part because messages sent using its service are encrypted, thwarting efforts by police to intercept communications between rioters.
Former British prime minister Tony Blair on Sunday attacked claims that "moral decline" was behind this month's riots, warning talk of a broken society could ruin the country's reputation abroad.
In a rare intervention in domestic politics since leaving power, Blair also warned that flawed analysis by politicians risked producing the wrong policy responses to the violence.
The former Labor leader said the real cause of the unrest, which erupted in London before spreading to other English cities in four nights of mayhem, was groups of disaffected youths outside the mainstream.

The Health Of Heart Mostly Depends Upon Endo-Thelial Cells

The cells found in blood veins play an important role to maintain the healthy heart.Similarly, the health of brain depends upon Schwann cells perform well. These cells also create the meline membrane that protects neurons. These cells are capable of replication.
Moreover, Biologist Ron De Pinhore of the Harvard University published such results in the famous scientific journal "Nature" last year that confirmed the importance of telomerase. He conducted an experiment on a young mouse blocking all the telomeric enzymes working in its body through a medicine. With in a few days the mouse showed such symptoms in its body that are peculiar in old age and there was a old mouse in place of young one. It showed hanging of skin, bowed back and shrinked brain like in old age. Then Ron Dee reactivated the telomerase in the mouse body and with in a month, mouse was young again with healthy and young tissues.This experiment indicated that live tissues are capable of returning to the to past i.e to younger age. This was a great discovery in the medical history.
Ron Deehopes that during next few years the expermental units wil be human beings so that to find a medicine that can activate telomerase and Health department may recognize it. He is against the adding of chemical substances in food supplements so that some effects of aging may be stopped. His opposition is due to risk that though telomerase itself does not create cancer but if due to it any cell is mutated then it will replicate into malignant cells
Last year the journal of the American medical association publishing the results of a study disclosed that those people who have smaller telomers are likely to suffer from cancer 3-fold and their death rate is 11 times more than those who have larger telomers.
However, experts say that human being is not immortal but if it gained the ability to live longer for centuries what will happened? At present the world population is near 7 billion if people remaining alive for 200-300 years, how the earth resources will suffice for billion and billions of human beings. They suggest one must not disturb the natural balance on the globe it may not be that we bring destruction to earth before time.

Angelina Joie's Visit Of Croatia

US actress Angelina Jolie visited the Croatian island Brijuni Friday to attend a production of Shakespeare's King Lear, local media reported.
Jolie arrived in a private plane with two of her children, the Jutarnji List daily reported in its online edition.
Before seeing the play, she met with Croatian President Ivo Josipovic and his wife Tanja, national television said.
The Hollywood star was invited to Croatia by fellow actor and friend Rade Serbedzija, who has starred in films such as 'Mission: Impossible II,' 'Batman Begins,' 'X-men: First Class' and 'Harry Potter and Deadly Hallows: Part 1.'
Jolie will spend the night in the presidential residence on Brijuni, will on Saturday meet with Josipovic to discuss the problem of landmines in Croatia. Several landmines dating from the 1991-1995 war in this former Yugoslav republic remain.
The actress made her directorial debut last year. The film recounted a love story of a Muslim woman and a Serb man against the background of Bosnia's 1992-1995 inter-ethnic war.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Indian Prime Minister Wrote Letter To Ana Hazare To End Hunger Strike

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was to chair an all-party meeting Wednesday as the government stepped up efforts to end a public standoff with fasting anti-graft activist Anna Hazare.
In the first significant attempt to break the deadlock, Singh wrote to Hazare on Tuesday, urging him to end his hunger strike and offering some concessions to his demands for a stronger anti-corruption law.
Senior government ministers also met for the first time with Hazare's top aides, who said the prime minister's proposals, while welcome, did not go far enough and would not convince the 74-year-old activist into breaking his fast.
Hazare is staging his protest in a large open-air venue in central Delhi where tens of thousands of supporters have gathered every day to cheer on the man who has become a symbol of national dissent.
His anti-graft drive has brought people onto the streets of cities across the country, calling for an end to the culture of corruption that permeates all levels of Indian society.
The breadth and depth of support for the campaign has shaken Singh's government, whose own anti-corruption credentials have been tainted by a succession of multi-billion-dollar scandals implicating top officials.
With his protest entering the ninth day, there are mounting concerns over Hazare's health among the team of doctors who constantly monitor his vital signs.
"We recommended last night that for safety reasons he should be admitted to hospital, but he refused to move," the head of the medical team, Naresh Trehan, told reporters Wednesday morning.
"He initially agreed to us administering intravenous fluids, but then refused later," Trehan said.
Hazare's main demand is that a government anti-corruption bill currently before parliament be withdrawn and replaced by a more stringent version drafted by himself and other civil society leaders.
In his letter to the activist, the prime minister said he was willing to request that the speaker of parliament refer Hazare's version to the standing committee that is reviewing the government's draft.
He also said the committee would be asked to fast-track its deliberations.
"I do hope that you will consider my suggestions and end your fast to regain full health and vitality," Singh said.
The concessions marked a shift by the prime minister, who last week had condemned Hazare's demands as "totally misconceived" and a threat to India's parliamentary democracy.
But senior Hazare aides, who met late Tuesday with a high-profile government delegation led by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, said the concessions were too little too late.
"We told them that the prime minister's offer is not acceptable," said one aide, Arvind Kejriwal, adding that Hazare wanted a written commitment that his bill would be debated by the full parliament.
In his letter, Singh struck a conciliatory tone, saying his government shared Hazare's desire for the strongest possible anti-corruption law.
"At worst, our paths and methodologies may differ, though I do believe that even those differences have been exaggerated," he said.
Prominent Indian historian Ramachandra Guha, writing in the Hindustan Times on Wednesday, said Hazare's success in spotlighting corruption among India's political class had to be translated into constructive reform.
"The task now is not to further polarise State and society, but to find democratic and transparent ways of making politicians more efficient and less venal," Guha wrote.

Dr Bill Has Found 40 Substances That Can Activate Telomerase ( Enzyme Maintaining Young Age)

Dr bill and his team has found 40 substances till now that have the potential to activate telomerase. But researcher could not find such chemical substance that may have the capability to activate 100 % of the telomeric enzymes. Actually, this type of research needs huge sum of money and time, but investors do not invest on a long-term project they want the project to be completed in shorter time and can give benefit immediately.
However, Dr Bill has signed an agreement with a food preparing company Isagenix. This company will soon present such a old age stopping medicine that will include Dr Bill's discovered substances too. Dr Bill hopes that after the successful development of the medicine, he will find such a billionaire and with the help of his investment he will be able to find a chemical substance that must be able to activate all the telomeric enzymes in human body. It is evident that the day the chemical is found will be a mile stone in human being history. Then the aging will not remain a horrible thing but human being may remain young for ever till his death.
It is note worthy that aging in human being itself is not linked to any particular part of the body or any process but it takes place due to many reasons. One of the main reason is the deterioration of mitochondria. This is that part of the cell where the diet taken by human being is converted into glucose that provides energy for our body to move and work properly.
When cells get old, then poisonous free radicals are created in abundance within mitochondria. These make all the molecules poisonous in human body and one suffers from different diseases and dies. But, this has been disclosed during the last few years that absence of telomerasse also brings aging of human body.

Eight Point Eight Million Species Are Inhabing The Earth And Yet To Be Discoverd Many

Our world is a much wilder place than it looks. A new study estimates that Earth has almost 8.8 million species, but we've only discovered about a quarter of them. And some of the yet-to-be-seen ones could be in our own backyards, scientists say.
So far, only 1.9 million species have been found. Recent discoveries have been small and weird: a psychedelic frogfish, a lizard the size of a dime and even a blind hairy mini-lobster at the bottom of the ocean. "We are really fairly ignorant of the complexity and colorfulness of this amazing planet," said the study's co-author, Boris Worm, a biology professor at Canada's Dalhousie University. "We need to expose more people to those wonders. It really makes you feel differently about this place we inhabit."
While some scientists and others may question why we need to know the number of species, others say it's important.
There are potential benefits from these undiscovered species, which need to be found before they disappear from the planet, said famed Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson, who was not part of this study. Some of modern medicine comes from unusual plants and animals. "We won't know the benefits to humanity (from these species), which potentially are enormous," the Pulitzer Prize-winning Wilson said. "If we're going to advance medical science, we need to know what's in the environment."
Biologists have long known that there's more to Earth than it seems, estimating the number of species to be somewhere between 3 million and 100 million. Figuring out how much is difficult.
Worm and Camilo Mora of the University of Hawaii used complex mathematical models and the pace of discoveries of not only species, but of higher classifications such as family to come up with their estimate.
Their study, published Tuesday in the online journal PLoS Biology, a publication of the Public Library of Science, estimated the number of species at nearly 8.8 million.
Of those species, 6.5 million would be on land and 2.2 million in the ocean, which is a priority for the scientists doing the work since they are part of the Census of Marine Life, an international group of scientists trying to record all the life in the ocean.
The research estimates that animals rule with 7.8 million species, followed by fungi with 611,000 and plants with just shy of 300,000 species.
While some new species like the strange mini-lobster are in exotic places such as undersea vents, "many of these species that remain to be discovered can be found literally in our own backyards," Mora said.
Outside scientists, such as Wilson and preeminent conservation biologist Stuart Pimm of Duke University, praised the study, although some said even the 8.8 million number may be too low.
The study said it could be off by about 1.3 million species, with the number somewhere between 7.5 million and 10.1 million. But evolutionary biologist Blair Hedges of Penn State University said he thinks the study is not good enough to be even that exact and could be wrong by millions.
Hedges knows firsthand about small species. He found the world's smallest lizard, a half-inch long Caribbean gecko, while crawling on his hands and knees among dead leaves in the Dominican Republic in 2001. And three years ago in Barbados, he found the world's shortest snake, the 4-inch Caribbean threadsnake that lays "a single, very long egg."
The study's authors point to other species as evidence of the growing rate of discovery: the 6-inch, blind, hairy lobster-type species found in 2005 by a submarine looking at hydrothermal vents near where the Pacific meets Antarctica and a brilliant-colored frogfish found by divers in Indonesia in 2008.
Of the 1.9 million species found thus far, only about 1.2 million have been listed in the fledgling online Encyclopedia of Life, a massive international effort to chronicle every species that involves biologists, including Wilson.
If the 8.8 million estimate is correct, "those are brutal numbers," said Encyclopedia of Life executive director Erick Mata. "We could spend the next 400 or 500 years trying to document the species that actually inhabit our planet.

Pakistani Professor Includedd Among World's Top 35 Innovators

Dr Umar Saif, a Professor at Lahore University of Management Sciences (Lums) has just become the first Pakistani to be recognized as one of the top 35 innovators of the world. The MIT Technology Review has named him as one of their 35 ‘World’s Top Young Innovators for the year 2011’.
No surprise, given his background; Saif started out at Aitchison, went on to Lums, did his Doctorate at Cambridge and ended up doing his Post doctorate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
The MIT Technology Review (TR35) recognizes the world’s top 35 young innovators that are radically transforming technology as we know and this is the first time in the past decade that a Pakistani has been recognised.
Saif says that he couldn’t have done it without Lums. While talking to The Reporters, he said, “It would have been difficult at other universities. There are certain things that Lums has unique. The faculty is empowered and hiring and promotion is all done based on how research minded and active you are.” “I am tenured at Lums and I cannot be fired. The rest of the universities in Pakistan have more of a teaching focus. Lums lets me do only two to three courses a year. This gives me ample time to do my research.” Saif now joins an elite group of researchers and technologists including the likes of Google’s Seregy Brin and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.
While talking about one of his projects,; he excitedly explained that it was like Twitter and that it was fanning out at an exponential rate in Pakistan. “Political parties, media channels; everyone is signing up for it,” he exclaimed. is Pakistan’s largest SMS social network and has sent close to 4 billion SMS for users in Pakistan.
Technologies developed by Saif’s research group and startups are used by millions of people in the developing world. Other notable technology is BitMate, which enhances the speed of Internet in the developing world using peer-to-peer technology.
The MIT Technology Review selects the top innovators after a rigorous evaluation process. Judges, who are leading experts in their fields from universities such as MIT, Stanford and Harvard, consider hundreds of high-impact researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the world, out of which top 35 are chosen for the award.
When asked about the innovation process. Saif explained that he had a startup incubator called the Saif Centre of Innovation. “It deals with new projects the same way as Silicon Valley,” said Saif. People, mostly students come to me when they want to do a startup. “We keep discussing the idea till it is viable. Then we put together a team, distribute equity, I am always a minority stakeholder. Then I give the startup money to get it off the ground.” Saif says that the reason these projects are successful is because he gets the kids to run these companies. And they work 18 hours a day to get their ideas to work.
Saif is working on some incredibly innovative start ups right now. One uses mobile phone cameras to allow illiterate people to understand English. People can take pictures of English text, newspaper clippings, labels, anything from any cell phone, MMS it to a number and they will get a call back that that reads out the text to them in Urdu.
Best of all, Pakistan need not fear losing Saif to any other country. Because he has no plans to move his home base out of Pakistan. Even though he spends some time visiting other universities to get some work done, Saif says that he is in Pakistan to stay permanently.

Fossil Found Show Possibility Of Life On Mars

Scientists have found Earth's oldest fossils in Australia and say their microscopic discovery is convincing evidence that cells and bacteria were able to thrive in an oxygen-free world more than 3.4 billion years ago.
The finding suggests early life was sulphur-based - living off and metabolizing sulphur rather than oxygen for energy - and supports the idea that similar life forms could exist on other planets where oxygen levels are low or non-existent.
A natural defense mechanism used by cells in the gut to neutralize harmful toxins may lead to new ways to fight Clostridium difficile, the most common cause of hospital-acquired bacterial infections, researchers said on Sunday. Tests of an experimental compound that mimics this defense mechanism that has shown promise in the lab and in mouse studies, and the researchers say they are already planning human clinical trials.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am In Tripoli, Alive And Healthy---- Qaddafi

The Russian head of world chess on Tuesday said Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi told him in a telephone call that he was in Tripoli and did not intend to leave the country despite an onslaught by rebels.
"I am alive and healthy, I am in Tripoli and do not intend to leave Libya. Do not believe the lying reports by Western television companies," Kirsan Ilyumzhinov quoted Kadhafi as saying in the conversation, the Interfax news agency reported. Ilyumzhinov had met Kadhafi in Tripoli in June.

Sindh Government "Appealed" Extortionists To Leave Karachi

Sind government is famous issuing "comedic" statements. Today sindh government "requested" extortionists to leave Karachi and in other words go to Lahore or Islamabad and carry out your activities in the way you like. But you have annoyed us , our government, our police, our officers and we are defeated and have no other alternative to appeal you to leave Karachi and collect your share from traders in Punjab or federal capital because sind government will be happy and will see you off at railway station or airport and will garland you.
Punjab chief minister is at ease because of you are giving full time to us but Punjab government have not not availed your services so please go to somewhere else. In other words sind government have requested the target killers too to provide their free services to the wealthiest province and let the chief minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif and his police force may avail the opportunity.
The sind government is hundred percent correct to ask the extortionists and target killers to remain within Pakistan, sind government is their well-wisher otherwise it could say leave Karachi and go to London and New York for their enjoyable game to show to David Cameron and Obama. But there the police is neither prisoner of politicians nor take bribery and they could be arrested and sent behind the bars before they commit any action. So sind government is not their enemy to send them to hell but want to send you to new heaven
So the Target Killers and The Extortionists please follow the advice of sind government and start killing the Punjabis and receive your due share of money what the province owe to you. Because Karachi traders have no money now to pay to you according to your status. Please move ahead our prayers and best wishes are always with you. Long Live the Sind Government

How The Life Begins In Mother's Ovary

Geneticists say that when pregnancy occures, both the cells one gametes each from father and mother make zygote. This contains 15000 units which quickly makes its copies and a new life starts in mother's womb. During the process several units lose 4000-5000 units. When baby takes birth its cells of DNA that prepare copies have 10000-11000 units. These units are made up of chemical substance the nucleotides. When the number of these units lowers to 5000, cells can not replicate more this is the start of the stage of aging, where wrinkles appear on our faces and it loses its shining capability due to creation no more new cells. Slowly those parts of the body start deteriorating that work properly due to addition of new cells. Immune system gets weakened due to which common diseases like cold or flu can take old person to grave.
But Almighty Allah has set the body of living creature with a system that all the cells renew their telomeric units. Otherwise the baby would have been taking birth with a face and body of grandpa (oldman) and the breeding of new generation would have ended. This natural phenomenon takes place through enzylecalled "telomerase". This can be called the "Angel" of the genetic world that has bestowed life- for- ever to the cells. Actually, when the baby gets rearing in the ovary, the cells create enzyme telomerase which constitutes nucleotide chain in each new copy of the cell, this way the creation of new cells continues quickly and the new parts of the body of the baby are formed.