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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Couple Who Investigates False News And Rumours

Some times false news just creating suspense and interests are spread about richest or influential people in print or electronic media that after wards concludes to be false. As a few years back a news about a newss was spread about Bill Gates that he was helped by a couple in British Columbia (Canada) when he was alone on a road with flat tyre car. He had no money to pay them for their service but after some time he deposited a huge amount in their account. But, on verification this was false news and a rumour. Exactly similar type of false news was spread about the widow of great black musician net King Kole.
The fact is that to spread a false news or rumor has become easier through internet or sms on cell phone. Some people or groups of people forward rumors for their specific objectives or just for publicity. From Internet these news get access to print media, TV radio and then every body talks about that as a true story.
The USA is a land of new ideas and adventures, an unique idea was conceived by an American couple in 1995. They constructed a website through which they investigate such news and rumours for their credibility. The name of the website of 48- year David Michaelsen and his 49-year wife Barbera Michaelsen is Six million people from all over the world visit this site monthly. Through the site millions of people have known the fact about many stories that are spread in the media by unknown sources. Let it be the events like that of Bill Gates, or warning about some new race of computer virus or the false picture of the biggest dog inb the world the "Herculese". You can know about the factual position of the news by visiting this site.

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