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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The News Of The World Said "Thank You And Good Bye" On July 10, 2011

When all the stories about the illegal activities of the paper got opened to the people the masses were too angry and several advertising companies stopped ads for all the magazines and papers of news corporation. News Corporation wanted to buy "B Sky B" television channel and nearly all the matters were decided but due to this scandal the agreement was canceled. After all, government and public pressure increased so much that on July 10, the vastly published weekly newspaper the News Of the World had to close its publication and 200 employees of the paper were jobless. The paper that had nearly having 300000 circulation wrote a full page editorial in its last edition and showed regretfulness to the readers on adopting immoral journalistic ways and on front page in bold letters was written " Thank you and Good Bye".
Prime Minister David Cameron constituted a commission on July 13 for the inquiry of phone scandal that was headed by Lord Justice Leo son. Another commission was also formed that had to think about the media culture and moral values. Prime Minister changed the Press Complain Commission also immediately.
Phone hacking scandal shook the Houses of British Politicians, Prime minister himself was also hit by the scandal as because he had friendly relations with some important characters involved in the scandal. Among them was Endi Colson who was appointed as Chief Media Advisor for PM by himself. At that time he was the editor of the News Of the World. He was appointed on the Media Advisor post after Rebeca Brooks while she was the editor since May 2000. In 2003 Brooks and Colson presented themselves before the parliamentary committee where Brooks confessed confessed that they had paid bribery to police for gathering information.

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