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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Increasing Muslim Population In The European Countries

When Musaffar Qaddafi, The Libyan former leader was on Italy visit during 2010, he shook the whole country with his statement saying, " It is written in the fortune of the Europe that one day whole Europe will consists of Muslims. Specially, when Turkey is included in the European Union this process will be enhanced." The conservative political parties of Italy expressed reservations on Qaddafi's this statement. The head of the Union of Christian Democrates Rocko said," Qaddafi should have not issued this statement with out thinking, if head of any Christian country while on visit to Libya say that all the Muslims should convert to Christianity, How Qaddafi would feel?"
It was however, a wordy confrontation whereas, fact is that Muslim population is swiftly increasing in Europe. The major reasons are, the increased number of Muslim's entrance into European countries, high birth rate in Muslims and decreased birth rate in European Christians. The main factor actually behind this increase is also the incident of 9/11, Muslims were so defamed that those who did not know about Islam, after that Europeans and Americans started studying Islamic Books to know what actually Islam was and what were its teaching. As soon as they realized the reality, the truthfulness of Islam they confessed that this is the only true religion in the Universe and they started embracing Islam.
How many Muslims are at present in the European countries, it is difficult to state the actual figures but according to an estimate, in Europe including Russia, the Muslim population is nearly 5.5 million. The total population of Europe is 730 million, so the proportion of Muslim population in the European population is 7.5 %. Among these Muslims 1.6 billion are living in European Union's countries.
There are different estimates about the future Muslim population in Europe. According to American Pure Research Center's think tank, Muslims will 25 % of the total population of Europe by 2030. On other side, British historian Nial Fergusen in his book "Civilization" claimed that by the end of current century 50 % population of Europe will consists of Muslims. If we take the middle figure then as an American Researcher Professor Phillips said that by 2100 Muslims will 25 % of the total European population.

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