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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Wish To Influence And Oblige British Politicians

Murdoch planned first all to make the British politics puppet that could dance on his finger points, after buying the most important American and British media institutions. He was successful to a great extent in his plans. He used his papers to create his influence among the politicians. He used to favor some particular politicians and increased his influence. Theefore, Forbes Magazine termed him the 13 th most influential person of the world. In 80's he favored Tori party in Britain.His newspapers "Times" "Sunday Times" and Sky TV channel remained busy in convessing for prime minister Margret Thatcher of Tori party. In turn, Mrs Thatcher took care of his interests. However, during 90's Murdoch changed his efforts in favor of labor party and paved the way for the success of labor party.In the success of prime minister Tony Blair, news corporation played a pivotal role.
After Tony Blair, during the last general elections Murdoch's media ran a full compaign for the success of Tori and defeat of labor party. In this way Murdoch tried to make himself the "king maker" of Britain. After the disclosure of phone hacking scandal, the British opposition labor party strongly demanded to take immediate steps to culminate the vast effects of corrupt media of Murdoch on the British politics.

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