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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Era Ushers In Turkey

It is for the first in the history that the selection of the leadership armed forces of Turkey has been done by the civil democratic government. Turkish president Abdullah Gul approved the appointment of new heads of the armed forces after the resignations of the former chiefs. General Nazdat Owzal has been appointed the head of the staff of armed forces, while, general Muhammad Urtan air chief, Amin Murad Balghal naval chief and Mery Kormako Oghlo has been apponited the chief of the army. These appointments were implemented after the 4 -day meeting under the chairmanship of prime minister Tayyab Urdghan. This meeting was considered extraordinary in the sense that none of the chiefs of the armed forces attended the meeting.
Before this, the army chief general Easak Kasnar Bary along with the naval and air chiefs resigned when they were asked by the government to retire. It is worth mentioning that the officers who resigned had shown their concern over the jailing of some of the armed forces officers. General Kasnar was appointed army chief last year. He recently in his several meetings with prime minister had recommended the names of the officers for promotion who were involved in rebellion case against the government. But prime minister had rejected his recommendations.
some analysts say that prime minister has appointed those army officers who can easily accept the supremacy of the elected representatives. As the Tayyab Urdghan came into power the tension between the government and the army had been prevailing. However, the tension reached to its peak due to rebellion case in which army general's part was taken as 10 %. Now these generals are passing their lives in jails. The case collectively includes 200 army personnels. According to the planning the bombs had to be detonated simultaneously in the biggest mosques of Turkey same day and at the same time attack on Greek was planned too. This would have been the first phase of the plan. After the success of the plan the army general had to take over blaming the civil government in failing to maintain law and order and to face internal and external threats.
The rebellions were such 17 general and admirals about whom army chief was asking prime minster to promote them , but now they will have to remain in jail for at least 15-20 years.
Experts say that resignations of army chiefs on the order of prime minister Urdagan reflects the fact about the army to accept the its changed role.The change of army's role is probably an important and great event of the twentieth and twenty first century. Army through out the history of Turkey has been presenting itself a supreme and guardian of the country.
Turk army during 1960, 1971, 1980 and 1997 took over the power and sent the elected government either to home or jail.Every time they reminded the politicians that if they had to carry out politics then they will have to act according to the point of army stick.
However, during the last decade the civil-army balance has been changed dramatically. The basic reason were the attempts of Justice party that it was making to turn Turkey acceptable for European Union. European Union wanted that thearmy should be formed in a way that it can not be a risk for the democracy. So, the Great Leader of Turkey Tayyab Urdgan scissored the wings of the army that it had spread since the end of Usmanate age till now.
The recent resignations of chief of general staff and the chiefs of army, air and naval forces indicate that the supremacy role of army in the politics of Turkey has ended for ever and it was for for the first time in the history of Turkey that all of the chiefs of armed forces resigned on the orders of civil government which proves that a new era has ushered in Turkey. LONG LIVE THE PRIME MINISTER OF TURKEY TAYYAB URDGAN.

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