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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The So Called Democratic Government Is Not Capable Of Controlling Karachi Situation

The government which is not able to provide safety to the people for their lives and propetrty has any right to remain in power? The unending massacre in Karachi I think deserves no attention of the democratic government. The statements of the minister to deal the culprits with iron hands, to bring the miscreants to the court of law, just arresting the innocent people are the mere words that can not satisfy the people nor these statements stop the killers from killing Karachites. Why those who can actually bring law and order to normal and can control the massacre are silent? They will come forward when killers can kill VIP's ? They can do this too? But when the Karachi will see normal life . The eid is coming near . Will Kaeachi people not celebrate Eid and will br prisoners?
The bloodshed in the city continues unabated, as seven more persons were killed Sunday, Geo News reported.
The carnage, which started on August 17, still remains beyond control for most likely the lack of will on the part of the authorities for reasons best known to them only.
Police said that two bagged-up bodies of two young men were found this morning in MPR Colony in Orangi Town. The youths were kidnapped, brutally tortured and shot dead, police said.
Rescue sources said that one body was also recovered from under the Teenhatti Bridge, which immediately could not be identified. Another tortured body was found bagged-up in a gunnysack in Pak Colony. Police identified the victim as Rizwan, a resident of Garden area.
Police said that some unknown persons’ firing killed Samiullah, 28 and injured two persons near Safari Park.
Police said that the two rival drug mafias traded firing overnight at Chanesar Goth, Mahmoodabad. Meanwhile, Sheharyar 10 and Zeeshan 15 were killed in the Snooker Club firing. A house was also torched in the feud.
Besides, a day earlier, Water Board Superintending Engineer, Khalid Siddiqui was targeted and shot dead, while one accompanying him sustained serious injuries in Gulshan-e-Hadeed, when some armed persons opened fire on his car.
However, mind boggles at the fact that the police failed to arrest any of the culprits

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