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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Medical Moral Values And Today's Medical Treatment

Morale linked to the medical profession has been an important part of medical profession since the ancient times. As a part of the oath of the medical professionals dedicated to the father of the profession Hipocrates (400-370 BC) says," Using my best knowledge and capabilities, I will try every possible effort that patient did not receive any harm due to my decision or treatment." The doctors while receiving medical degree reiterate the determination in the full text of the oath today too.
However, it is a fact too that today's latest developments in the medical world could not help maintaining exactly the same simple and straightforward medical ethics that was considered to be, but several questions and complicated problems have been created related to medical morales. The possibility of human cloning (in this method a photocopy of human being that can be used for research purposes). similarly, trying to use human cells for making complete part of body or legal protection and treatment provided for abortion in several countries or price hike in the doctor's fees or treatments due to the use of modern technology have given rise to new problems.

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