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Friday, August 26, 2011

Taliban Began Final Stage Of War In Afghanistan

During the first week of August American and NATO forces had to bear extra- ordinary damage by Taliban in Afghanistan. Fighters hit and damaged several helicopters and a great loss to NATO forces was that of Chinook helicopter, carrying 30 American , 7 Afghan soldiers and a civilian on August 5.
America and its allies have born the loss of 101 helicopters during the last 10 years of American occupation, out of these 17 were hit by Taliban. It indicates that Taliban have changed their war strategy. It is worth mentioning that during the Russian occupation in 1979 Taliban had changed their war strategy in the same way. American administration of that era had provided 900-1200 stinger missiles that had changed the map of the war field. With these missiles Afghan fighters had hit 140 Russian helicopters with in 6 months. It was noted that one helicopter had been destroyed daily on average basis.
Some American experts are of the view that these are the same stinger missiles provided to Taliban by the USA, now are being used against USA and allied forces. These experts also say that stinger missiles have been spread from China to Latin America through drug cartels. Some military think tanks say that China, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea and some other countries have manufactured the missiles.

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