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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Hobby Of David Family Turned Into Profession

The work of website that was started as a hobby by David and his wife turned into their full-time profession and their site is trustworthy for his millions of visitors monthly. New York Times in its report included this website regarding the use of computer among the essential items that must be known to Internet users.
The president Obama had also benefited from this website during his election compaign when a baseless and false news was spread against him and the present first lady Mashal Obama. The news was about eating meal from a Waldorf Store or hotel by Mashal Obama that was kept for somebody else. But when the people verified this news from the site it was totally wrong that was spread to defame the the first black president of the USA and his family.
There were many false news that were proved to be false by this site. The news about the biggest dog Herculese , a story published in weekly world news, the wrestling championship that is pre-planned about beating boxing and crushing of wrestlers by the opponents all are false and misleading.
The headquarter of this website is in the suburban locality of Las Angeles at a hill top. There is their home and the staff consists of only the couple. They verify the events by the tools that include dictionaries, almanic, VHS tape, Encyclopedias, atlases and hundreds of books.

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