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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pro-Israelism Of Murdoch

All the pro-Israeli politicians of the USA, Britain and Australia are closely watching the phone hacking scandal. The 10 important people of News Corporation arrested in Britain were in favor of Israel. The newspapers, magazines, and TV channels presented more favorably the case of Israel as against other media sources. According to the head of Malcam "Major American Jews Organization" the media under Murdoch had transparent attitude towards Israel.
Addressing during a function of annual dinner of a Jews Organization in last October Murdoch said "we are living in a such world where there is a war against Jews. When Americans think about the opposition of Jews then they recall baseless cartoons or attacks of 20th century. The present age people opposing Israel correct attitude against Israel."
Eighty-year Murdoch visited Israel several times. The eminent Israeli politicians are among his friends. American Jews Committee gave away award to him. On the occasion he said, " western think that Israel can not live with out the help of Europe or the USA, but i say clearly today that if Israel enemies are left alive then Europe and America may not live longer."
A famous journalist and a writer Robert Fisk recently wrote a in in the international paper the "Independent" in which he testified the pro-Israelis m of Murdoch.It would be worth mentioning that Fisk had been working in the news corporation of Murdoch for a long time but he resigned only due to the reason that Murdoch did not allow a single word to be written against Israel.

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