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Sunday, August 21, 2011

India Is Doing What It Likes To Destroy Pakistan

When coward government is Pakistan exists that due to fear of the USA can say nothing to India he is justified to do what is likes. It can construct dams on Pakistan's water, it can discharge waters to inundate Pakistani villages, it can stop water when there is dire need for the crops in Pakistan. Every government does every thing for its citizens but here government leaves its rights , the rights of the people to other countries and specially enemies like India. It has no dare to ask India about the killings in Karachi whereas every Pakistani knows who is behind the disturbances in Pakistan bomb blasts and riots in Karachi. Only India, Israel and the USA.
The flash flood of 57,000 cusec of water in river Sutlej at Gandasinghwala in Kasur gushing through, which with persistent rise has submerged several villages. It has been reported.
The water discharged from Indian side has swelled up the water level to 18.5 feet at Kakar Post, while 57,000 cusec strong flash flood currently passing through a place called Gandasinghwala marooning several villages including Chandasinghwala, Mahiwala and Pattan and severing ground contacts from these areas to the outside world.
Meanwhile, the relief workers of Rescue 1122 were shifting the trapped people at Poni to safer places.

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