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Monday, August 29, 2011

Right Wing Political Paties In Europe

Right wing political parties are gaining popularity in Europe. Their politics is mainly based on immigration of Muslims and hatred against federal parties. Among them some are more extremist and others are a bit less, but all of them want to stop entry of Muslims in their countries. Some of the right wing parties in European countries are listed below:-
This is the only European country where right wing party "Swiss People's Party" is in power. This the biggest of the right wing parties in Europe. In the parliametary elections of 2007, it obtained 28.9 % votes and 62 seats, thus became the became the majority party in the parliament. Its present head is Tony Burner. Wiss Peoples Party is also afraid of Muslims living in Switzerland that they want to turn the country into an Islamic State. The party most of the time expresses the fear that increasing Muslim population one day will turn into majority. This party had held referendum to ban Mosque Minarets. It is holding a referendum to limit the number of Muslim migrants. There are 0.4 million Muslims in the total Swiss population of 7.8 million that makes the Muslimn population as 5.7 %.
The "Progress Party" of Norway is the second largest party among the European right wing parties. It gained 22.9 % votes and 41 seats out of 169 in the parliament in 2009 election. The head of the party is an extremist lady Sew Jennine. This party wants to allow only 1000 migrants every year. She also demands that illiterate and poor people from developing countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Somalia should not be allowed that can not merge themselves into Norwegian culture and civilization.
Sew iis an openly against Muslims and is in favor of Israel. She says that Israel has the right to defend its rights. She considers Hammas as a terrorists party. There are 0.15 million Muslims in the total 4.9 million population of Norway that makes 2 % of the population.

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