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Friday, August 12, 2011

Who Is Ropert Murdoch?

The owner of the News Corporation the accused institution of phone hacking scandal - Ropert Murdoch's father was a re known Australian personality who was associated with newspapers industry.He had 50% shares in two Adelaide papers. When Murdoch entered in practical life he was of course an enthusiastic young man. He decided to bring revolutionary changes in his Father's newspapers. In the decades of 50's and 60's, the credibility of news in journalism and the impartiality of journalist was considered a valuable asset. At that time nudity or sensational news were taken as wrong and immoral attitude of the paper. But Murdoch set back all the transparent journalistic values and rules and principles of real journalism. He introduced aggression in the journalism and at the same time he started buying all the important papers of different localities in Australia. During the next few years he was the owner of the most important newspaper of Australia including "The Australian", "Daily Telegraph", "Sunday Times", and "Sydney Morning Herald". Looking at the height of his determinations, someone remarked that his next target will be the American and British journalism. ( this prophecy afterwards turned into a bitter truth).
Murdoch then purchased England's popular newspaper"News Of The World" in 1968. After some time he bought "The Sun" and then using the tools of sex and sensation in the news he took both the papers to new heights of popularity. The circulation of both the paper exceeded 3 million each in number during the next few years. In 1986 he purchased the esteemed paper of England "The Times" which is commonly known as "London Times" and also "Sunday Times" Both the papers were popular for credibility and standard of the news, though he did not turn these papers into sensational and thrilling dailies but gave them the form of pro -Israeli and Pro Jews papers that wrote for Israelis.
Meanwhile, Murdoch entered American market. He first purchased the "Post" and then launched "Fox News Network" and conquered the world of television and broadcasting. In the USA , traditionally three news networks had been working the "ABC", "NBC" and "CBC" and it was said that there is no room for the fourth news network. However. Murdoch did the impossible and today the Fox News is an important channel of the USA. Its reporting in partial, sensational and aggressive. Fox News initiated a hatred compaign against Muslims after 9/11. Afterwards, Murdoch purchased an important newspaper of the USA, the "Wall Street Journal". On its purchase thee was a large hue and cry in the USA that Murdoch will gather more money and power in this way, but Murdoch succeeded because the influential Jewish lobby of each and every walk of life was him.
Some people say that Murdoch may be sentenced on the phone hacking scandal but other say he would not get any sentence as the faithful companions of Murdoch around him will like to go to jail themselves but they will save their boss from any harm.

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