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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Scientist Who Wants To Make The Humans Younger Till Death

The human beings have been dreaming to defeat the death, but, if they can not defeat the end of life they may be able to remain young defeating the old age worries till death. Doctor Bill Andrews is one of the researchers who is busy in developing a medicine that can bestow humans a life that would have no old age. Dr Bill owns a laboratory in Nevada (USA). He has developed a medicine after a long research that can reactivate enzyme telomerase in our body. Due to the deactivation of this enzyme one gets older. However, this medicine is still being tested on cats and dogs.
Body of human being is composed of 10000 billion cells. These cells create different body parts e.g. brain, heart, kidneys and liver. Different cells prepare their new and fresh copies. Our skin's cells take place in millions daily and die. Some cells do not prepare new copies or create in minimum number e.g. heart tissues are once created they do not constitute new copies of cells, however to keep the tissues of heart healthy, the cells that can copy play an important role.
An American researcher Leonarday in 1961 found that a cell in body can prepare its copy for 60-80 times and then die. At the age of 25 years cells create their copies quickly but in the age of 70 or 80 years the cells copy themselves slowly and then die due to which the death of human beings occurs too. One dies due to the weakness of the cells, so the old age is not a baseless function but fault of cells. This fault of cells indicate that hoe long a human being can live. The copying of the cells is called "Replication of DNA". DNA is two molecular chain where all the genetic information are saved in the genes located at the chromosomes.

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