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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Europe In The Grip Of Terrorism

Oslo, the capital of Scandinavian country Norway is the center of cultural, econimic and industrial activities of the country. The Scandinavian countries are presented as an example in the world for provision human rights, personal freedom, freedom of opinion and law and order situation.
The day of July 22 this year was a great tragedy for the peaceful city of Oslo. On the day at 0325 local time a bomb blasted in front of executive quarters of Oslo resulting in the death of 8 and injuring 10 sever and many other got minor injuries. After two hours of this incident, in the central island Utoya of Oslo, a summer camp of youth organization of the ruling party was attacked. But this attack was a unique one. A man in police uniform started firing and killing any person coming his way. Eighty persons were killed in this attack. This camp was nearly 20 miles away from Oslo and number of its participants was 600. Different activities were being carried out in the camp but after watching the blast news the participants gathered in groups and were discussing the blast and asking about the their families in the capital. According to an eye witness a man reached in a small boat clad in police uniform and was equipped with automatic latest arms which is considered high alert position in Norway. When the participant saw a police man with arms they thought due to bomb blast their security has also been increased. But when the new comer turned into attacker they were not expecting the situation so a large number of deaths took place.
It was taken as an terrorist activity of Al-Qaeda or of the locally active Islamists, in the initial news reporting. The incident was seen in the peculiar back ground and reaction of Muslims regarding the role of Norway in the Afghanistan war and publishing the blasphemous cartoons. But, when the persons responsible for this devastation were arrested all the suspicions about Muslims got cleared and a new situation came in the light. The 32 year local citizen Andrey Baring Baryook was arrested from Utoya for the terrorist activity. According to an initial report provided by a police officer, from the messages on Internet Baryook the fact was disclosed that he was extremely right winged and against the Muslims. The information pasted the social website face book, he claims to be a conservative Christian. In the local newspapers , his close friends wrote that in the age of 25-30 years he was convinced by the ideology of extremist right wing people and he clearly expressed his thinkings on the on line forums. Baryook got education from Oslo School of Management and then started an agricultural company. The experts say that his main purpose of opening an agricultural company was to to get a large quantity of chemical fertilizers to use for preparing bombs.

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