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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sindh Government "Appealed" Extortionists To Leave Karachi

Sind government is famous issuing "comedic" statements. Today sindh government "requested" extortionists to leave Karachi and in other words go to Lahore or Islamabad and carry out your activities in the way you like. But you have annoyed us , our government, our police, our officers and we are defeated and have no other alternative to appeal you to leave Karachi and collect your share from traders in Punjab or federal capital because sind government will be happy and will see you off at railway station or airport and will garland you.
Punjab chief minister is at ease because of you are giving full time to us but Punjab government have not not availed your services so please go to somewhere else. In other words sind government have requested the target killers too to provide their free services to the wealthiest province and let the chief minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif and his police force may avail the opportunity.
The sind government is hundred percent correct to ask the extortionists and target killers to remain within Pakistan, sind government is their well-wisher otherwise it could say leave Karachi and go to London and New York for their enjoyable game to show to David Cameron and Obama. But there the police is neither prisoner of politicians nor take bribery and they could be arrested and sent behind the bars before they commit any action. So sind government is not their enemy to send them to hell but want to send you to new heaven
So the Target Killers and The Extortionists please follow the advice of sind government and start killing the Punjabis and receive your due share of money what the province owe to you. Because Karachi traders have no money now to pay to you according to your status. Please move ahead our prayers and best wishes are always with you. Long Live the Sind Government

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