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Sunday, August 14, 2011

We Are Not To Quarrel But To Keep The Rulers Aware Of Institutional Corruption--TI Pakistan

Transparency International Pakistan Trust has 7 trustees. They are responsible for funds raising from all over the world, and constitute strategy for curbing the corruption. These trustees elect chairperson for the organization for every 3 years. Chairperson can not retain the office after 2 terms. Former chairman Adil Gilani has completed 6 years of his tenure so trustees elected Sohail Muzaffar , a re known advocate of supreme court as new chairman of TIP.Two trustees of the organization, former speaker National Assembly Ilahi Bakhsh Soomro and retd Justice Haziq ul Khairi have resigned due to old age.
The newly elected chairman of the TIp said that the relations of Transparency Internal with government did not remain good, specially the corruption report about Pakistan released from Berlin was published by TIP. Government was too angry on this report though this was an international report that was prepared by several experts. However, in the past if somebody has played non political role intentionally or unintentionally, but now we will run the organization on non political basis. He further said that their job was to inform the government from the corruption in national institutions so that government must remain in public pressure to make such policies that must uproot corruption from the society. He said their job was not to argue or quarrel but we will carry out our task. We will try that the different department must observe transparency in issuing tenders so that corruption chances be minimized and the public could get transparent projects. Transparency International has signed 7 MOU's with different departments of the country and we cooperate with them in issuing tenders and in all other matters. We had also tried to sign a MOU with defense sector. I wish to to sign a MOU with defense department during my tenure of chairmanship.

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