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Monday, August 22, 2011

The different Opinions Of Various Social Groups About England Rots

Different social groups in Britians have different opinions about the riots. Some term these the reaction of angry, backward and deprived younger faction of the society, while prime minister David Cameron said it was the the result of the "criminal minded" people. Prime minister added that we were hearing about the social causes of the riots but he thinked that these riots were due to unfarsightedness and no less than criminal thinking. But can one deny the fact that the riots on this scale could take place with out any social and economic reasons. If these are the result of criminal mentality then how this mentality got created in the young generation.
The labor party leader Heeraite Herman in an interview with BBC said that the riots were due to the deductions of funds by the government on higher education. While, former mayor of London said the generation taking part in the riots were afraid of their dark future due to world economic crisis that lead them to the reaction like this.
What happened in London, Birmingham and Manchester can not be called any political protest because no demands were put forward. The majority that took part in the riots was of young generation. Young people of the age upto 11 yearswere also seen looting the shops. All these people were openly looting and torching the vehicles and setting the store ablaze in groups. Though thee were modern CCTv's and cameras were installed every where even then they carried out their activities openly.

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