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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Journalists Of The News Of The World Had Links In Police Ranks

In the murder case of Milli Dowler the journalists had caused wastage of several important evidences by deleting the voice mailer through which police wanted to know who, when and why contacted Milli. Secondly, when the parents and friends of Milli were told by police that some of the messages from voice mailbox had been deleted all expressed of Milli's being alive though she had been killed by the time.
Even if these harms would have not been happened still no law in the world allows to disrupt one's privacy, but the journalists working in the news of the world termed this the right way to dig news out. The people of England though knew this method of the paper but they used to keep silent. However, when the Gaurdian paper gathered all the information about Milli's disappearance, murder, phone hacking in a story and published it , the hue and cry started in the British society and voices of inquiry against the paper were heard.
The British Prime Minister David Cameron ordered on July 06, to conduct an inquiry on the issue to bring the results of inquiry to the public. Then with the passing of each day the secrets based on the crimes of newspaper continued to come to light. It was known that journalists of the paper used to pay money to police officers for collecting information (that they had no right to get) to complete their stories. It was disclosed too that thousands of pounds were paid to metro police out of paper's account. The reports of contacts of a senior journalist of the paper with Scot land Yard police in different matters were also known. Similarly, they had been influencing the police officers and politicians through wrong ways. When the investigation expanded it was disclosed that illegal phone hacking activities was spread to to high level people in different walks of life, politicians, and even up to the members of royal family.Similarly, the relatives of the soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan war and people killed in seven seven bomb blast were not spared from phone hacking.

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