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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Neighboring Countries Want The End Of Afghan War According To Their Own Interests

Some analysts say that several neighboring countries of Afghanistan wish to push the USA in the Afghan muddy war for longer. In this regard Pakistan, Iran China and Russia have their own wishes and interests to see the end of war according their own benefits. American authorities suspect that these countries are providing sticker missiles so that return of the USA from Aghanistan may be in disrespectful manner. On other side Talibans are happy to find such weapons that have given more superiority to them in war. With this will force the enemy to bow knees and they will get importance of their role admitted in wrapping up of the the war and afterwards. The analysts think that the countries backing the Taliban against the USA using whole of their military, political and ideological forces.
The month of August is proving a bloody one for American and NATO forces. Actual the situation turned against the foreign occupying forces started evacuating the battle field. During the first 12 days of the month of August, 50 foreign soldiers have been killed and the destruction of Chinook helicopter is a great loss to the USA in one event. If only last 6 months deaths of the NATO forces are estimated the number of high ranking officers that have been killed during this period that much number have not been lost during the last 10 month war.
Though American administration claims to kill the Taliban destroying chinock helicopter but Taliban leader say they are alive and have contacted the leader Zabeeh Ullah Mujahid. The American received great shock with the destruction of Chinock helicopter a complete squadron of American SEAL team 6 commando unit has been eliminated. It is note worthy that commondos of this unit had participated in operation against Osama Bin Laden on May 02, this year in Abbotabad.

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