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Sunday, August 14, 2011

7/22 Killing In Oslo And Menifesto Of The Killer

The attacker of Oslo summer camp had published his manifesto, " 2083: announcing the Freedom of Europe" on line in a blog consisting of 1518 pages that he updated daily. The article and a video that carried the details of objectives and preparations of the attack was sent to many people through email the same day. A website preaching the superiority of whites also issued Bayook's manifesto. The local and international media have also certified that this manifesto has been written by Baryook in which he gave full details of his ideology, line of action and future measures to be taken.
Baryook's "Freedom Declaration" is based on extremist ideology of right wing. The manifesto includes, the cleaning of European civilization from the "pollution" of other cultures, promotion of the ideology of right wing, the concept of pushing out the non European nations from the region and sentiments against Muslims. A line of action has been constituted to make Europe "Pure" on the basis of Marxist ideology and terming the armed struggle right against Muslims and a concept of "Complete and Pure" Christian Europe has been presented. He has also asked Indians to throw the Muslims out of their country. He repeatedly favored the terrorists activities and said the time of mare talks has been gone and we have given the chance and now is the time for armed resistance.
In his Manifesto Baryook has detailed the methods to make bombs, collecting subscriptions and the ways to get mental and physical training for starting "civil war" between the nationalists and those favoring multi-cultural society. Baryook has used strict and full of hatred language against Muslims and said he is of the view that Muslims intend to control Europe and want destroy its culture. Baryook has described in detail the preparation for this attack in the form of diary. He wrote in the entry of June 13, " today I succeeded in making explosive device and tested it successfully." Baryook appreciates the line of action and war strategy of Al-Qaeda and terms it as the most successful armed organization of the world. His this writing shows that he wants to constitute a parallel group to Al-Qaeda which he names as, " Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon"

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