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Monday, August 29, 2011

"True Finns" Political Party Of Finland

True Finns party of Finland is the third largest right wing political party in Europe. It recently held election got 19.1 % votes and 39 seats in the parliament. Its head is Temo Soni, who though does speak against Muslims openly, but is strictly in favor of Israel.Among 5.4 million Finish people , 432000 are Muslims and constitute 0.8 % of the total population.
Holland is the fourth largest center of right wing politicians in Europe. Right wing party, Party For Freedom secured 15.5 % of the votes and 24 parliament seats out of 150 in the last election. Thus, it became the third largest party in the parliament. The leader of this party is Garett Wilders who attacking Muslims and Islam achieved "reputation". His idealogy is," I do not hate Muslims but hate Islam." Garrett wants to stop the spreading promotion of Islam in Holland, where among 10.6 million population there are only 0.9 million Muslims 5.5 % of the population. But Garett sees his culture in risk due to this very small number of Muslims.
Experts say that "Jobbik" party of Hungry is the most extremist and pre-judice among all the right wing parties. Experts term it as a fascist party.Its main manifesto is to push all the minorities like Muslims, Jews and Gypsies out of Hungry. It gained popularity among Hungarians in very limited time. Though, it could not win any seat in the elections held during 2006, but in the general elections of 2010, it secured 12.26 % votes 47 seats out of total 386 seats of the parliament.It became the third largest party of Hungry with in 4 years.Its leader is Gaborona.

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