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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How The Life Begins In Mother's Ovary

Geneticists say that when pregnancy occures, both the cells one gametes each from father and mother make zygote. This contains 15000 units which quickly makes its copies and a new life starts in mother's womb. During the process several units lose 4000-5000 units. When baby takes birth its cells of DNA that prepare copies have 10000-11000 units. These units are made up of chemical substance the nucleotides. When the number of these units lowers to 5000, cells can not replicate more this is the start of the stage of aging, where wrinkles appear on our faces and it loses its shining capability due to creation no more new cells. Slowly those parts of the body start deteriorating that work properly due to addition of new cells. Immune system gets weakened due to which common diseases like cold or flu can take old person to grave.
But Almighty Allah has set the body of living creature with a system that all the cells renew their telomeric units. Otherwise the baby would have been taking birth with a face and body of grandpa (oldman) and the breeding of new generation would have ended. This natural phenomenon takes place through enzylecalled "telomerase". This can be called the "Angel" of the genetic world that has bestowed life- for- ever to the cells. Actually, when the baby gets rearing in the ovary, the cells create enzyme telomerase which constitutes nucleotide chain in each new copy of the cell, this way the creation of new cells continues quickly and the new parts of the body of the baby are formed.

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