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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shawn Hover Was The Firtst Journalist Who Disclosed The Phone Hacking Activities OF The NOW

On July 19, 2011, Ropert Murdoch presented himself to the parliamentary committee where first of all he apologized from the phone hacking affectees and then asked permission to read a statement, but committee refused to allow.
James Murdoch said," what was being done in his paper , he was unaware of that. He said that paper business wad only one percent of the total business spread all over the world.The people whom he trusted misled him. He further said that he was shocked to know that years before the 13 years old kidnapped Milli Dowler's phone was hacked secretly by the staff of his paper."
The day Murdoch was presented before the committee, the former journalist of the news of the world Shawn Hover was found dead in his flat. The neighbors said that he was a psycho case before his death. He was the first journalist who disclosed the secrets of phone hacking of the paper. He told New York Times that the press chief of the British prime minister has been aware of the illegal activities of the paper since long. He also told that he was directed by the paper to dig out news from the famous and popular personalities through the use of drugs.
The story of raids, arrests and sentences against the paper is longer. Several raid were carried out at the office of the paper since 2002.The evidences and proofs of the activities of the paper had been found. The institution confessed many phone hacking case and apologized unconditionally. Among the affectees were celebrities from show biz, government, politicians, sport men and parliamentarians. The phone of Gordon Brown was hacked by the private detective who was working in News International at the that time and Gordon Brown was Finance Minister.
The effects of the attacks on the privacy of the people reached to the USA and Australia. The head quarter of the news international is situated in New York. This corporation is running New York post, the Wall Street Journal, and Fox News in addition to many other institutions.

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