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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily Telegraph Also Published A Story About Hacking Of Messages And Phone Calls

Daily Telegraph published a story about the files of the investigator of news of the world Glennin Malcare that carried the names and phone numbers of the relatives of the British soldiers who were killed in Iraq and Afghan war. It is said that the calls received on these numbers were hacked to get any sensational story. When this scandal was open British army boycotted the news of the world.
The people recalled that on the occasion of 6th anniversary of the seven seven blasts the people injured and survived in these bomb blasts were warned by the police to change their security codes as their phone calls or and messages could be hacked. These news also spread harassment among the people and the names of the journalists of the news of the world were found behind all this act.
Due to phone hacking by the news of the world, several business partners lost trust of each other resulting in the ending of business partnership because the paper published their secret business talk and the partners blame each other for leaking out the business secrets. A Brazilian citizen Jane Charles was shot dead on July 21, 2005 in London by police due to being suspicious and news of the world hacked the phones of his relatives who were too sad to know that they were not spared during these gloomy moments. Similarly, several people lost their jobs as paper used to publish their official secrets and they had to face the anger of their superiors.
During 2009 and 2010 the names of several employees of the news of the world were disclosed who were aware of the hacking activities of the reporters of the paper. In March 2010, newspaper paid lbs 200000 to the affectees of the phone hacking in the court to settle the matters. The British paper "Gaurdian" started publishing serial stories of the phone affectees of the news of the world. As the publishing of the stories continued the names of many well-known people were known to the masses who were targeted of phone hacking, and they started filing cases against the news of the world in court.

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