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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Damage To Property And Lives In England's Riots

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Four persons were killed in the riots. Among them a local person Richard Melington was severely injured by the rioters in western London on August 8, when he was extinguishing fire in the drums for dumping industrial wastes. On August 10, three Pakistan born Britains , 21 year Haroon Jehan, and two brothers 21 year Shahzad Ali and 31 year Abdul Saffor were hit by a car when they were saving their community from rioters.
Events like torching of vehicles, setting houses and shops ablaze and looting of houses and departmental stores occurred. One hundred houses were damaged by fire and according to an estimate the looting to a tune of lbs 100 million was done in the riots that continued for a week.
Though the riots are considered the economic difference but employed people and daughter of a millionaire family was also involved in looting. The parents of 22 year Lora Johnson have a big marketing company and they live in a farm house that is worth more than a million pound. Lora is accused of looting electronics from a nearby store that have a price of $5000. What are the reasons that a girl who has easy access to all the items that she looted from the store. This was just an adventure. British law can not send children less that the age of 12 years while in the looting 9-11 year old kids were involved too. This is only the moral degradation of British society.

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