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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Health Of Heart Mostly Depends Upon Endo-Thelial Cells

The cells found in blood veins play an important role to maintain the healthy heart.Similarly, the health of brain depends upon Schwann cells perform well. These cells also create the meline membrane that protects neurons. These cells are capable of replication.
Moreover, Biologist Ron De Pinhore of the Harvard University published such results in the famous scientific journal "Nature" last year that confirmed the importance of telomerase. He conducted an experiment on a young mouse blocking all the telomeric enzymes working in its body through a medicine. With in a few days the mouse showed such symptoms in its body that are peculiar in old age and there was a old mouse in place of young one. It showed hanging of skin, bowed back and shrinked brain like in old age. Then Ron Dee reactivated the telomerase in the mouse body and with in a month, mouse was young again with healthy and young tissues.This experiment indicated that live tissues are capable of returning to the to past i.e to younger age. This was a great discovery in the medical history.
Ron Deehopes that during next few years the expermental units wil be human beings so that to find a medicine that can activate telomerase and Health department may recognize it. He is against the adding of chemical substances in food supplements so that some effects of aging may be stopped. His opposition is due to risk that though telomerase itself does not create cancer but if due to it any cell is mutated then it will replicate into malignant cells
Last year the journal of the American medical association publishing the results of a study disclosed that those people who have smaller telomers are likely to suffer from cancer 3-fold and their death rate is 11 times more than those who have larger telomers.
However, experts say that human being is not immortal but if it gained the ability to live longer for centuries what will happened? At present the world population is near 7 billion if people remaining alive for 200-300 years, how the earth resources will suffice for billion and billions of human beings. They suggest one must not disturb the natural balance on the globe it may not be that we bring destruction to earth before time.

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