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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Possibility Of Foreign Army Intervention In Syria

The government of Bashr Al Asad has used all the tactics to crush the revolutionary wave against it but could not succeed. As soon as the time passes the number of death toll increases in Syria due state aggression. However, against the killing by the government agencies , the number in army defection is maximizing. On other side world pressure is increasing too. Secretary general of the UN demanded from the Syrian government to stop deploying army against the civilians. He informed Bashr ul Asad on phone about the concern of international community.
The neighboring countries are also seeing the situation of Syria with great concern. The Turkish prime minister Tayyab Urdgan has sent his foreign minister Ahmed Oghlo to Syria with a message to Syrian president that it is enough now more killings of innocent civilians will not be tolerated. Some analysts say that Turkey itself or jointly with the NATO Allies mat intervene in Syria. Turk prime minister is continuously warning Bashr ul Asad but the later is rejecting the Turkish warning
On other side Arab World is also thinking about to do something. The Gulf Cooperation Council last week issued a statement to advice Syrian government to introduce serious and important reforms that should security to the rights of Syrian people and must be the reflection of their wishes. This indicates the intention of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States for the possible solution measures ofthe problem. Arab Analyst Jamal says that though Syria is neglecting the pressure from Turkey, but it will be not be possible for it to ignore the activity of Gulf Cooperation Council.
The the international level protests are quickening, various countries are discontinuing diplomatic relations with Syria. Though Bashr ul Asad has approved the law for introducing multi-party democracy but he actually does not take any practical steps. Its all attention is focused on the massacre of Syrians. Its this action is taking Syria towards loneliness in the world. At present all the world including Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf States are condemning his army operations against civilians and no one is with him, except Hizbullah in Iran and Lebanon.

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