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Friday, August 19, 2011

Cases Launched Against Hosn E Mubarak --- Egyptians Are Happy

The effects of "Revolution January 25" in Egypt are coming in such a way that nobody could think of. The cases against Former president Hosne Mubarak and his two Aala and Jamal Mubarak including former home minister Habib ul Aadli and many others have been initiated and they were presented to the court clad in prisoner's uniform (white) and in iron cages. The Egyptians have been waiting for the cases restlessly for the last six months. Now, when the case has been started in a transparent way that spread a wave of happiness all over the country. According to a report by famous TV Channel "Alarabia" the people have expressed full confidence in the role of justice Ahmad Fehmi Rifat who will hear the case. Justice Rifat has heard various sensitive and important cases in the past and have given his verdicts. His decision have been accepted by government officials as well as by the masses.
This is the justice Rifaat who had released 16 leaders of Ikhwan ul Muslameeen who were arrested on the accusation for conspiracy against a Qabti Christian Group. This was his great achievement because the verdict came at the time when the cruel rule of Hosn e Mubarak was at its peak and his enmity against Ikhwan ul Muslameen was touching to its extreme limits. Justice Riffat popularity gained momentum for the transparent hearing of the case and government inspite of exerting pressure could not get the verdict changed.
Similarly, the case of a corruption scam of Egyptian Bank "Extrever" was filed in Justice Riffat case. Justice Riffat had heard the case in an open hearing with out any hesitation against the former member of the board of directors Abdullah Tael and other 18 officers of the bank. The bank corruption case was considered a most important case in Egypt, because this case had shaken the internal structure of the country. Justice Rifat gave impartial verdict and sentenced the accused.

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