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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dr Bill Has Found 40 Substances That Can Activate Telomerase ( Enzyme Maintaining Young Age)

Dr bill and his team has found 40 substances till now that have the potential to activate telomerase. But researcher could not find such chemical substance that may have the capability to activate 100 % of the telomeric enzymes. Actually, this type of research needs huge sum of money and time, but investors do not invest on a long-term project they want the project to be completed in shorter time and can give benefit immediately.
However, Dr Bill has signed an agreement with a food preparing company Isagenix. This company will soon present such a old age stopping medicine that will include Dr Bill's discovered substances too. Dr Bill hopes that after the successful development of the medicine, he will find such a billionaire and with the help of his investment he will be able to find a chemical substance that must be able to activate all the telomeric enzymes in human body. It is evident that the day the chemical is found will be a mile stone in human being history. Then the aging will not remain a horrible thing but human being may remain young for ever till his death.
It is note worthy that aging in human being itself is not linked to any particular part of the body or any process but it takes place due to many reasons. One of the main reason is the deterioration of mitochondria. This is that part of the cell where the diet taken by human being is converted into glucose that provides energy for our body to move and work properly.
When cells get old, then poisonous free radicals are created in abundance within mitochondria. These make all the molecules poisonous in human body and one suffers from different diseases and dies. But, this has been disclosed during the last few years that absence of telomerasse also brings aging of human body.

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